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Emily Gould DVM
Medical Resident
Small Animal Clinical Sciences


  • B.S., University of California Davis, 2008
  • D.V.M., University of California Davis, 2012
  • M.S. in Comparative and Experimental Medicine, University of Tennessee, 2014


  • Small Animal Rotating Internship, Veterinary Medical and Surgical Group - Ventrua, CA
  • Small Animal Internal Medicine Residency, Animal Specialty and Emergency Center - Los Angeles, CA


Emily Gould is originally from Northern California and attended the University of California at Davis for both her undergraduate and veterinary degrees, earning her DVM in 2012. Following this, she completed her rotating internship at a private practice specialty hospital in Ventura, CA (Veterinary Medical and Surgical Group) and a specialty internship in Small Animal Internal Medicine in Los Angeles, CA (Animal Specialty and Emergency Center). Emily joined the University of Tennessee in 2014, where she earned a Master’s Degree in Comparative and Experimental Medicine. Following completion of her MS, she has since stayed on at UT and is now a first year Internal Medicine Resident/PhD candidate. Her research focuses on the study of virulence factors utilized by feline Tritrichomonas foetus, which may result in novel diagnostic and preventative strategies for feline trichomonosis.