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Michael H. Sims
Professor, Emeritus
Biomedical and Diagnostic Sciences

Clinical Interests

  • Director: Electrodiagnostic Laboratory

Research Interests

  • Clinical research in electrodiagnostic evaluations. The Electrodiagnostic Laboratory is a full service facility of the Department of Small Animal Practice, offering a complete range of Clinical diagnostic procedures. The goal of the service is to provide an advanced program in clinical electrophysiology. The following procedures or areas of study are available: electroetinography, electromyography, nerve conduction studies, electroencephalography, visual evoked responses, and auditory evoked responses.


  • B.S., M.S., Memphis State University
  • Ph.D., Auburn University, College of Veterinary Medicine

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Director of Veterinary Medical Communications (VMC). The College of Veterinary Medicine is a media-rich environment requiring the support of professionals in biomedical communications. Veterinary Medical Communications provides this support through it's five divisions: Computer Services, Photo Lab, Instructional Video, Medical Art & Graphics, PC Support & Novell Administration, and the Office of Public Information & College Assessment.


  • Neurophysiology, basic and advanced respiratory physiology, renal physiology