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Administrative Personnel

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Veterinary Medicine - Administration

James Thompson Profile Page
James Thompson, DVM, PhD, DACVIM, DACVM
Professor and Dean


David Anderson Profile Page
David Anderson, DVM, MS, DACVS, AAAS Fellow
Professor of Large Animal Surgery and Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies
ShaRonda Cooper Profile Page
ShaRonda Cooper, PhD, LPC
Assistant Dean for Students
India Lane Profile Page
India Lane
Professor and Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs


Misty Bailey Profile Page
Misty Bailey, MA, PhD
Curriculum and Assessment Coordinator
Jeanine Baine Profile Page
Jeanine Baine
Accounting Specialist
Keri Boyd Profile Page
Keri Boyd
Preclinical Program Coordinator
Barbara Campbell Profile Page
Barbara Campbell
Event Coordinator
Michelle Currier Profile Page
Michelle Currier
Assessment Assistant
Sophia Curry Profile Page
Sophia Curry
Admissions Assistant
Ashley Dalton Profile Page
Ashley Dalton
Clinical Placement Coordinator
Jennifer Daniels Profile Page
Jennifer Daniels
Human Resources Consultant
Emily Dyke Profile Page
Emily Dyke
Grants Manager
Emily Ford Profile Page
Emily Ford
Communications Coordinator
Kimberly Fortner Profile Page
Kimberly Fortner
Accounting Coordinator I
Sharon Foy Profile Page
Sharon Foy
Budget Director
Deborah Haines Profile Page
Deborah Haines, BA, MFA, CMI, FAMI
Medical Illustrator, Design Specialist
Sandra Harbison Profile Page
Sandra Harbison
Media Relations- Information Specialist I
Emily Messer Profile Page
Emily Messer
Executive Assistant to the Dean
Hannah Palko Profile Page
Hannah Palko
Admin Specialist I
Royal Paschall Profile Page
Royal Paschall
IT Technologist III
Alicia Robino Profile Page
Alicia Robino
Lab Safety Coordinator
Deborah Shepherd Profile Page
Deborah Shepherd
Phillip Snow Profile Page
Phillip Snow
Information Specialist I
Kayela Statom Profile Page
Kayela Statom
Coordinator of Recruitment & Diversity Activities
Morgan Tolbert Profile Page
Morgan Tolbert
Administrative Assistant for Research & Graduate Program
Geoffrey Trivette Profile Page
Geoffrey Trivette
Julia Wyrick-Egan Profile Page
Julia Wyrick-Egan
Admissions Assistant
Page Zachary Profile Page
Page Zachary
Administrative Support Assistant II
Laura Zimbrick Profile Page
Laura Zimbrick
Assistant Director for Advancement