Effective immediately, our Small Animal Emergency room hours have changed. We will be open between the hours of 8 AM - 10 PM daily until further notice.

Hospital Operations Personnel

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Hospital Operations

Robert DeNovo Profile Page
Robert DeNovo, DVM, DACVIM (Internal Medicine)
Associate Dean and Professor


Jeremy Long Profile Page
Jeremy Long
Benjamin Smith Profile Page
Benjamin Smith
Terry Stevens Profile Page
Terry Stevens, Pharm.D
Rachael Wyrick Profile Page
Rachael Wyrick
Pharmacist in Charge

Pharmacy Technicians

Kimberly Cardwell Profile Page
Kimberly Cardwell
Clinical Specialist II
Shayla Ladd Profile Page
Shayla Ladd
Clinical Specialist II


Tammy Ailor Profile Page
Tammy Ailor
Client Services Specialist I
Kayce Bailey Profile Page
Kayce Bailey
Health Information Clerk II
Ashley Baldwin Profile Page
Ashley Baldwin
Central Sterilization Aide I
Damion Batchelder Profile Page
Damion Batchelder
IT Administrator II
Jeannie Bormet Profile Page
Jeannie Bormet, BS, LVMT
Referral Coordinator
Stephanie Boyd (Willison) Profile Page
Stephanie Boyd (Willison)
Director of Referral Services
Pamela Brock Profile Page
Pamela Brock
Health Information Manager
Tracy Carter Profile Page
Tracy Carter
Administrator II
William Chandler Profile Page
William Chandler
IT Specialist III
Dave Cowles Profile Page
Dave Cowles
Senior Computer Systems Specialist
Grover Cradic Profile Page
Grover Cradic
Administrator II
Diana Davis Profile Page
Diana Davis
Financial Associate 2
Brandon Denton Profile Page
Brandon Denton
IT Administrator III
Robert Dobbins Profile Page
Robert Dobbins
Administrator III
Claudia Featherstone Profile Page
Claudia Featherstone
Jackie Finley Profile Page
Jackie Finley
Medical Service Specialist II
Cozette Harris Profile Page
Cozette Harris
Client Services Speciallist III
Sheila Hatcher Profile Page
Sheila Hatcher
Administrative Support Assistant III
Misti Henry Profile Page
Misti Henry
Medical Administrative Assistant III
Angela Hoffman-Payne Profile Page
Angela Hoffman-Payne
Supply Room Manager
Chloe Hutsell Profile Page
Chloe Hutsell
Health Information Clerk II
Sara Jenkins Profile Page
Sara Jenkins
Client Services Specialist II
Anna Karnes Profile Page
Anna Karnes
Client Services Specialist 1
Pearl Kirkland-Smith Profile Page
Pearl Kirkland-Smith
Accounting Specialist I
Courtney Komjathy Profile Page
Courtney Komjathy
Client Services Specialist I
Charles Lambrecht Profile Page
Charles Lambrecht, BS
Team Leader
Nan Lambrecht Profile Page
Nan Lambrecht, M.A.
Paula Lawson Profile Page
Paula Lawson, BS, CAP
Scheduler I
Viola Lawson Profile Page
Viola Lawson
Health Information Specialist II
Bridgett Nalepa Profile Page
Bridgett Nalepa
Client Services Specialist I
Deborah Nelson Profile Page
Deborah Nelson
Accounting Specialist III
Susan Owens Profile Page
Susan Owens, CPS
Emergency Services Supervisor
Janet Roberson Profile Page
Janet Roberson
Health Information Specialist II
Brandon Schoppert Profile Page
Brandon Schoppert
Client Services Specialist II
Kristin Sowder Profile Page
Kristin Sowder, BA
Medical Administrative Assistant III
Chelsey Taylor Profile Page
Chelsey Taylor, B.S.
Accounting Specialist III
Diane Tudor Profile Page
Diane Tudor
Client Services Specialist III
Deborah Upshaw Profile Page
Deborah Upshaw
Central Sterile Assistant
Mary Vineyard Profile Page
Mary Vineyard
Accounting Specialist I
Melissa Wilkerson Profile Page
Melissa Wilkerson
Health Information Clerk III, Level 1
Marcus Williford, Sr Profile Page
Marcus Williford, Sr
Maintenance Specialist Foreman
Rebecca Woodbury Profile Page
Rebecca Woodbury
Medical Administrative Assistant II

Technicians and Staff

Sabrina Wilson Profile Page
Sabrina Wilson, LVMT
Referral Coordinator