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Small Animal Clinical Sciences

Diane Hendrix Profile Page
Diane Hendrix, DVM, DACVO
Professor and Interim Small Animal Clinical Sciences Department Head
Michelle Whitt Profile Page
Michelle Whitt, LVMT
Veterinary Nurse II


Jonathan Abbott Profile Page
Jonathan Abbott, DVM, DACVIM (Cardiology)
Professor of Cardiology
Josep Aisa Profile Page
Josep Aisa, DVM, DECVS
Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery
Julia Albright Profile Page
Julia Albright, DVM, MA, DACVB
Associate Professor of Behavior
Lane Anderson Profile Page
Lane Anderson, DVM
Kimberly Anderson Profile Page
Kimberly Anderson, DVM, PhD, DACVIM (Neurology)
Clinical Assistant Professor of Neurology
Genevieve Bussieres Profile Page
Genevieve Bussieres, DVM, MSc
Clinical Assistant Professor of Anesthesia
Andrew Cushing Profile Page
Andrew Cushing, BVSc CertAVP(ZM) MRCVS, Dipl. ACZM
Clinical Associate Professor of Zoological Medicine
Rebekah Kay Debolt Profile Page
Rebekah Kay Debolt, DVM
Clinical Assistant Professor of Shelter Medicine
Andrea Dedeaux Profile Page
Andrea Dedeaux, DVM, DACVIM (Oncology), DACVIM (SAIM)
Clinical Assistant Professor of Oncology
Elizabeth Drake Profile Page
Elizabeth Drake, DVM, DACVD
Associate Professor of Dermatology
Marti Drum Profile Page
Clinical Associate Professor of Small Animal Physical Rehabilitation
Connie Fazio Profile Page
Connie Fazio, DVM, DACVR
Clinical Assistant Professor of Radiology
Cassio Ferrigno Profile Page
Cassio Ferrigno, DVM, MS, PhD
Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery
Braidee Foote Profile Page
Braidee Foote, DVM, DACVO
Clinical Assistant Professor
Ashley Hartley Profile Page
Ashley Hartley, DVM, PhD, DACVIM (SAIM)
Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine
Nicholas Hayes Profile Page
Nicholas Hayes, DVM
Clinical Instructor of Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care
Silke Hecht Profile Page
Silke Hecht, Dr. Med. Vet., DACVR, DECVDI
Professor of Radiology
Adrien Maxence Hespel Profile Page
Adrien Maxence Hespel, DVM, MS, DACVR
Associate Professor of Radiology
Roman Husnik Profile Page
Roman Husnik, MVDr, PhD, DACVIM (SAIM)
Clinical Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine
Alyssa Jenkins Profile Page
Alyssa Jenkins, DVM
Clinical Instructor of Small Animal Emergency & Critical Care
Claudia Kirk Profile Page
Claudia Kirk, DVM, PhD, DACVIM (Internal Medicine) & DACVN
Professor of Small Animal Internal Medicine
Stephanie Kleine Profile Page
Stephanie Kleine, DVM, PhD, DACVAA
Assistant Professor of Anesthesia and Analgesia
S Emi Knafo Profile Page
S Emi Knafo, DVM, Dipl. ACZM
Clinical Assistant Professor of Zoological Medicine
Liza Koster Profile Page
Liza Koster, DVM, EBVS (Internal Medicine and Cardiology)
Clinical Assistant Professor of Cardiology
Philip Krawec Profile Page
Philip Krawec, DVM, DACVECC
Clinical Assistant Professor of Emergency and Critical Care
Wayne Lilly Profile Page
Wayne Lilly, DVM
Clinical Instructor
Charles (Chad) Lothamer Profile Page
Charles (Chad) Lothamer, DVM, DAVDC
Clinical Assistant Professor of Dentistry
Cassie Lux Profile Page
Cassie Lux, DVM, DACVS-SA
Associate Professor of Surgery
Kristen Marshall Profile Page
Kristen Marshall, DVM, MVSc, DACVECC
Clinical Assistant Professor of Emergency & Critical Care
Olya Martin Profile Page
Olya Martin, DVM, DACVIM (Oncology)
Clinical Associate Professor
Darryl Millis Profile Page
Professor of Small Animal Orthopedic Surgery and Physical Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine, Acree Endowed Chair in Small Animal Medicine
Talisha Moore Profile Page
Talisha Moore, DVM, DACVIM (Neurology)
Clinical Assistant Professor of Neurology
Federica Morandi Profile Page
Federica Morandi, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVR and ECVDI, EBVS
Professor and Director of Radiological Services
Ashley Morgan Profile Page
Ashley Morgan, DVM
Instructor (PRN)
Maryanne Murphy Profile Page
Maryanne Murphy, DVM, PhD, DACVN (Nutrition)
Clinical Associate Professor
Bethany Myerow Profile Page
Bethany Myerow, DVM, DACVIM
Assistant Clinical Professor of Internal Medicine
Rajeev Nair Profile Page
Rajeev Nair, DVM
Clinical Assistant Professor
Zenithson Ng Profile Page
Zenithson Ng, DVM, MS, DABVP (Canine/Feline)
Clinical Associate Professor
Shelly Olin Profile Page
Shelly Olin, DVM, DACVIM (SAIM)
Clinical Associate Professor of Internal Medicine
Megan Roeder Profile Page
Megan Roeder, DVM
Clinical Instructor of Small Animal Emergency
Angela Rollins Profile Page
Angela Rollins, DVM, PhD, DACVIM (Nutrition)
Clinical Associate Professor of Nutrition
Julie Schildt Profile Page
Julie Schildt, DVM, DACVECC
Clinical Associate Professor of Emergency & Critical Care
Sarah Schmid Profile Page
Sarah Schmid, DVM, DACVIM (SAIM)
Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine
Julie Sheldon Profile Page
Julie Sheldon, DVM, MS, Dipl. ACZM
Clinical Assistant Professor of Zoological Medicine
Michelle Smallwood Profile Page
Michelle Smallwood, DVM
Christopher Smith Profile Page
Christopher Smith, DVM, DACVAA
Clinical Assistant Professor of Anesthesia and Analgesia
Jillian Smith Profile Page
Jillian Smith, DVM, DACVIM (SAIM)
Clinical Assistant Professor of Small Animal Internal Medicine
Jennifer Stokes Profile Page
Jennifer Stokes, DVM, DACVIM (Internal Med.)
Clinical Professor
Liandrie Swanepoel Profile Page
Liandrie Swanepoel, DVM
Medical Intern
Danielle Tarbert Profile Page
Danielle Tarbert, DVM
Clinical Assistant Professor of Zoological Medicine
Emilia Terradas Crespo Profile Page
Emilia Terradas Crespo, DVM, DACVECC
Clinical Assistant Professor of Emergency and Critical Care
Karen Tobias Profile Page
Karen Tobias, DVM, MS, DACVS
Institute Professor of Small Animal Surgery
Flavia Vaduva Profile Page
Flavia Vaduva, DVM
Nutrition Resident and Visiting Scholar
Michelle Waligora Profile Page
Michelle Waligora, DVM
Medical Intern
Daniel Ward Profile Page
Daniel Ward, DVM, PhD, DACVO
Professor of Ophthalmology
Jennifer Weisent Profile Page
Jennifer Weisent, DVM, PhD
Clinical Assistant Professor of Shelter Medicine
Jacqueline Whittemore Profile Page
Jacqueline Whittemore, DVM, PhD, DACVIM (Internal Med.)
Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor


Madison Baskette Profile Page
Madison Baskette, DVM
Medical Intern
Anna Brewer Profile Page
Anna Brewer, DVM
Medical Intern
Hayley Clark Profile Page
Hayley Clark, DVM
Medical Intern
Katie Como Profile Page
Katie Como, DVM
Medical Intern
Caitlin Hemby Profile Page
Caitlin Hemby, DVM
Avian & Exotics Intern
Mary Kerby Profile Page
Mary Kerby, DVM
Medical Intern
Melaney Mayes Profile Page
Melaney Mayes, DVM
Medical Intern
Charles McIntosh Profile Page
Charles McIntosh, DVM
Medical Intern
Melissa McNabb Profile Page
Melissa McNabb, DVM
Medical Intern
Tracy Nguyen Profile Page
Tracy Nguyen, DVM
Medical Intern
Shira Rosenblum Profile Page
Shira Rosenblum, VMD
Orthopedic Fellow
Kathleen Stanford Profile Page
Kathleen Stanford, DVM
Medical Intern
Greg Woo Profile Page
Greg Woo, DVM
Graduate Research Assistant
Ellis Wright Profile Page
Ellis Wright, DVM
Avian & Exotics Rotating Intern


Darren Mullins Profile Page
Darren Mullins
Business Manager


Susan Baiz Profile Page
Susan Baiz, DVM
Medical Resident
Thomas Bevelock Profile Page
Thomas Bevelock, DVM
Medical Resident
Alexis Boone Profile Page
Alexis Boone, DVM
Medical Resident
Catherine Burlison Profile Page
Catherine Burlison, DVM
Medical Resident
Rachel Cain Profile Page
Rachel Cain, DVM
Visiting Scholar
Skyler Caldwell Profile Page
Skyler Caldwell, DVM
Medicine Resident
JD Jonathon Daniel Profile Page
JD Jonathon Daniel, DVM
Medical Resident
Lily Davis Profile Page
Lily Davis, DVM
Medical Resident
Patricia Debow Profile Page
Patricia Debow, DVM
Medical Resident
Briana Domenegato Profile Page
Briana Domenegato, DVM
Medical Resident
Jennifer Goldreich Profile Page
Jennifer Goldreich, DVM
Medical Resident
Leah Griffith Profile Page
Leah Griffith, DVM
Medical Resident
Meredith Gumash Profile Page
Meredith Gumash, DVM
Medical Resident
Conner Hayes Profile Page
Conner Hayes, DVM
Medical Resident
Sarah Hayes Profile Page
Sarah Hayes, DVM
Medical Resident
Brett Hogberg Profile Page
Brett Hogberg, DVM
Medical Resident
Kyrsta Janas Profile Page
Kyrsta Janas, DVM
Medical Resident
Kiley Johnson Profile Page
Kiley Johnson, DVM
Medical Resident
Jack Lee Profile Page
Jack Lee, DVM
Medical Resident
Allison Mallard Profile Page
Allison Mallard, DVM
Medical Resident
Christopher Margrey Profile Page
Christopher Margrey, DVM
Medical Resident
Sarah Marnin Profile Page
Sarah Marnin, DVM
Medical Resident
Tom Monto Profile Page
Tom Monto, DVM
Medical Resident (1st year)
Leah Moody Profile Page
Leah Moody, DVM
Medical Resident
Danielle Nolitt Profile Page
Danielle Nolitt, DVM
Dermatology Resident
Elizabeth Pisack Profile Page
Elizabeth Pisack, CVM
Medical Resident
Mariola Rak Profile Page
Mariola Rak, DVM
Medical Resident
Juliet Ross Profile Page
Juliet Ross, DVM
Medical Resident
Jake Salzman Profile Page
Jake Salzman, DVM
Medical Resident
Heather Simon Profile Page
Heather Simon, DVM
Medical Resident
Stephanie Steuri Profile Page
Stephanie Steuri, DVM
Surgery Resident
Scott Stokowski Profile Page
Scott Stokowski, DVM
Medical Resident (2nd Year)
Bailey Teitge Profile Page
Bailey Teitge, DVM
Medical Resident
Mariana Vigeral Profile Page
Mariana Vigeral, DVM
Medical Resident


Francis Aduku Profile Page
Francis Aduku, DVM
Graduate Research Assistant
Stephanie Fowler Profile Page
Stephanie Fowler, LVMT
Veterinary Nurse Supervisor
Allison Givens-Nunn Profile Page
Allison Givens-Nunn
Medical Administrative Assistant III
Janet Jones Profile Page
Janet Jones, BS, LVMT
Veterinary Nursing Director, post-retirement
Cindy Knisley Profile Page
Cindy Knisley
Business Manager
Kimberly McWhorter Profile Page
Kimberly McWhorter
Digital Imaging Coordinator
Alexis Niceley Profile Page
Alexis Niceley
Program Administrator
Jaime Norris Profile Page
Jaime Norris
CAIT Program Coordinator
Rebecca O'Connor Profile Page
Rebecca O'Connor
Facilities Supervisor II
Kayla Parrott Profile Page
Kayla Parrott, LVMT
Veterinary Technician II
Eric Seiber Profile Page
Eric Seiber
Senior Budget Manager
Amy Van Skyhawk Profile Page
Amy Van Skyhawk
Administrative Assistant
Tara Walker Profile Page
Tara Walker
Medical Administrative Assistant
Julia Yeary Profile Page
Julia Yeary
Senior Accounting Clerk

Technicians and Staff

Bailey Acord Profile Page
Bailey Acord, LVMT
Veterinary Technician II
Richard Adams Profile Page
Richard Adams, LVMT
Veterinary Technician II
Jordyn Alley Profile Page
Jordyn Alley, BS, LVMT
Veterinary Technician II
Samantha Anderson Profile Page
Samantha Anderson, LVMT
Veterinary Technician II
Alexis Aponte Profile Page
Alexis Aponte, LVMT
Veterinary Technicial I
Owen Bailey Profile Page
Owen Bailey, LVMT
Veterinary Technician Intern
Samantha Bane Profile Page
Samantha Bane, LVMT
Veterinary Technician II
Amber Barnett Profile Page
Amber Barnett
Senior Laboratory Animal Technician I
Jacqueline Bellan Profile Page
Jacqueline Bellan, BS, LVMT, VTS (Diagnostic Imaging)
Sr. Veterinary Technician II
Jessica Birdwell Profile Page
Jessica Birdwell, BA, LVMT, VTS (Anesthesia & Analgesia)
Sr. Veterinary Technician II, Anesthesia Supervisor
Jeannie Bormet Profile Page
Jeannie Bormet, BS, LVMT
Referral Coordinator
Moriah Burr Profile Page
Moriah Burr, LVMT
Veterinary Technician II
Lyanne Caballero Profile Page
Lyanne Caballero, LVMT
Veterinary Technician Intern
Olivia Carney Profile Page
Olivia Carney, LVMT
Veterinary Technician Intern
Lillian Carranza Profile Page
Lillian Carranza, CVT, LVMT
Veterinary Tech II
Dustin (Dut) Chadwell Profile Page
Dustin (Dut) Chadwell, RT, MR
MRI Technician
Gordon Conklin Profile Page
Gordon Conklin, RT, R, MR
MRI Technician
Hannah Cruz Enriquez Profile Page
Hannah Cruz Enriquez, LVMT
Veterinary Technicial II
Stephanie Denton Profile Page
Stephanie Denton, MSC, LVMT
Sr. Veterinary Technician I
Marcy Dochtermann Profile Page
Marcy Dochtermann, LVMT
Veterinary Technician II
Brianna Elmer Profile Page
Brianna Elmer, LVMT
Veterinary Technician Intern
John Fang Profile Page
John Fang, LVMT
Veterinary Technician
Rachel Feuerstein Profile Page
Rachel Feuerstein, LVMT
Veterinary Technician II, VTS (ECC)
Mercedes Fraley Profile Page
Mercedes Fraley, LVMT
Veterinary Technician II
Amber Galla Profile Page
Amber Galla, LVMT
Senior Veterinary Technician I
Lillian Gerhardt Profile Page
Lillian Gerhardt, LVMT
Sr. Veterinary Technician I
Haleigh Giles Profile Page
Haleigh Giles
Veterinary Technician II
Maggie Gulley Profile Page
Maggie Gulley, LVMT
Veterinary Nurse Supervisor
Judy Hagan Profile Page
Judy Hagan, LVMT
Veterinary Technician II
Shelby Halliday Profile Page
Shelby Halliday, LVMT
Veterinary Technician
Linda Halverson Profile Page
Linda Halverson, LVMT
Veterinary Technician II
Jimmy Hayes Profile Page
Jimmy Hayes, LVMT
Senior Veterinary Technician I, Simulation Lab
Dawn Hickey Rector Profile Page
Dawn Hickey Rector, LVMT, VTS (Physical Rehabilitation), CCRP, CVPP, CCFT
Senior Veterinary Technician II
LeAnn Hicks Profile Page
LeAnn Hicks, LVMT VTS(ECC)
Sr. Veterinary Technician II
Shanna Hillsman Profile Page
Shanna Hillsman, LVMT
Sr. Veterinary Technician I
Shesney Huff Profile Page
Shesney Huff, LVMT
Veterinary Technician II
Tiffany Hunt Profile Page
Tiffany Hunt, BS, LVMT, VTS (Dentistry)
Senior Veterinary Technician II
Jana Jinks Profile Page
Jana Jinks, LVMT
Veterinary Technician II
Megan Johnson Profile Page
Megan Johnson, LVMT
Veterinary Technicial II
Corinne Johnson Profile Page
Corinne Johnson, LVMT
Veterinary Technician
Janet Jones Profile Page
Janet Jones, LVMT
Sr. Veterinary Technician I
Patricia Kelb Profile Page
Patricia Kelb, LVMT
Veterinary Nurse
Bonnylee Kennedy Profile Page
Bonnylee Kennedy, LVMT, VTS (Anesthesia)
Sr. Veterinary Technician I
Meagan King Profile Page
Meagan King, LVMT
Veterinary Technician
Alison Klafehn Profile Page
Alison Klafehn, LVMT
Senior Veterinary Technician I
Sabrina Klepper Profile Page
Sabrina Klepper, BS, LVMT, VTS (Clin. Prac.-Canine/Felinee))
Sr. Veterinary Technician I
Amber Lambdin Profile Page
Amber Lambdin, LVMT
Rachel Lees Profile Page
Rachel Lees, LVMT, KPA-CTP, VTS (Behavior)
Senior Veterinary Technician I
Dawn Martin Profile Page
Dawn Martin
Veterinary Technician II
Karen McLucas Profile Page
Karen McLucas, AAS
Sr. Clinical Specialist I
Nicole Meagher Profile Page
Nicole Meagher, LVMT
Veterinary Technician II
Cassandra Meitner Profile Page
Cassandra Meitner, LVMT
Senior Veterinary Technician I
Tasha Mercado Profile Page
Tasha Mercado, LVMT
Veterinary Technician II
Melissa Meridieth Profile Page
Melissa Meridieth, CAP
Medical Administrative Specialist I
Clint Miller Profile Page
Clint Miller
Veterinary Technicial 1
Jessica Montoya Profile Page
Jessica Montoya, LVMT
Senior Veterinary Technician I
Erin Morrison Profile Page
Erin Morrison, LVMT
Veterinary Technician II
Tamberlyn Moyers Profile Page
Tamberlyn Moyers, LVMT, VTS (Nutrition)
Sr. Veterinary Technician II
Brittany Nelson Profile Page
Brittany Nelson, LVMT
Veterinary Technician II
Laura Newman Profile Page
Laura Newman, BS, LVMT
Senior Veterinary Technician I
Samantha Newman Profile Page
Samantha Newman
Veterinary Technician I
Julie Price Profile Page
Julie Price, LVMT
Veterinary Technician I
Kayla Reger Profile Page
Kayla Reger, BS, LVMT, VTS (Anesthesia)
Senior Veterinary Technician I
Talisha Reyes Profile Page
Talisha Reyes, BS, LVMT, VTS (Anesthesia)
Sr. Veterinary Technician II
Kaleena Scarbro Profile Page
Kaleena Scarbro, LVMT
Veterinary Technician II
Ashley Self Profile Page
Ashley Self, BS, LVMT, VTS (Nutrition)
Senior Veterinary Nurse II
Dorothy Sharp Profile Page
Dorothy Sharp, B.S., LVMT, VTS (Diagnostic Imaging)
Senior Veterinary Nurse II, post-retirement
Khari Spence Profile Page
Khari Spence, LVMT
Veterinary Technician
Alyssa Stair Profile Page
Alyssa Stair, BS, LVMT, VTS (Anesthesia & Analgesia)
Senior Veterinary Technician I
Andrew Teague Profile Page
Andrew Teague, LVMT
Senior Veterinary Nurse I
Kandace Tew Profile Page
Kandace Tew, LVMT
Senior Veterinary Technician I
Jessica Thompson Profile Page
Jessica Thompson, LVMT
Senior Veterinary Technician I
Stephen Tinkel Profile Page
Stephen Tinkel, LVMT
Operating Room Supervisor
Skylar Van Derhoff Profile Page
Skylar Van Derhoff, LVMT
Veterinary Technician II
Derek Vanderhoff Profile Page
Derek Vanderhoff, LVMT
Sr Veterinary Technician I
Leslie Wereszczak Profile Page
Leslie Wereszczak, LVMT, VTS (ECC)
Emergency & Critical Care Director
Jena West Profile Page
Jena West, BA, LVMT, VTS (Cardiology)
Sr. Veterinary Technician I
Michele Wilson Profile Page
Michele Wilson, BS, LVMT
Sr. Veterinary Technician I
Sabrina Wilson Profile Page
Sabrina Wilson, LVMT
Referral Coordinator
Hannah Witt Profile Page
Hannah Witt
Veterinary Technician
Crystal Zimmerman Profile Page
Crystal Zimmerman, CVT
Veterinary Technician II
Christina Zukas Profile Page
Christina Zukas, LVMT
Veterinary Technician II

Vet Assistant

Nicole Bissonnette Profile Page
Nicole Bissonnette
Veterinary Assistant
Abigail Bohm Profile Page
Abigail Bohm
Veterinary Assistant II
Frances Borgers Profile Page
Frances Borgers
Veterinary Assistant II
Ashley Colantoni Profile Page
Ashley Colantoni
Senior Veterinary Assistant I
Sarah Fiedler Profile Page
Sarah Fiedler
Veterinary Assistant II
Margo Fulford Profile Page
Margo Fulford
Veterinary Assistant II
Marsha Galyon Profile Page
Marsha Galyon
Operating Room Assistant, Operations Specialist III
Tonya Harrison Profile Page
Tonya Harrison
Veterinary Assistant
Renee Lombardi Profile Page
Renee Lombardi
SR Veterinary Assistant
Caitlin Millis Profile Page
Caitlin Millis
Veterinary Assistant II
Uma Pippens Profile Page
Uma Pippens
Veterinary Assistant II
Catherine Spurlock Profile Page
Catherine Spurlock
Veterinary Assistant
Britney Stearns Profile Page
Britney Stearns
Veterinary Assistant II
Makayla Trott Profile Page
Makayla Trott
Veterinary Assistant II
Carol Tuft Profile Page
Carol Tuft
Veterinary Assistant II
Zavanneh Ward Profile Page
Zavanneh Ward
Radiology Assistant
Megan Weller Profile Page
Megan Weller
Veterinary Assistant II
Debra White Profile Page
Debra White
Veterinary Assistant II