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Tuesday, May 18

Session 1 – Hemp, Feed Industry, and Policy.

Moderators: Maryanne Murphy and Tao Fei

8:10 am Welcome and opening remarksDave White
8:20 amImpacts of the existing consumer, commercial, and regulatory environment on veterinarians and their interactions with client and patientsDharati Szymanski
9:20 amRegulatory processes for substances used in animal foodCharlotte Conway
9:50 amCBD compliance: smokes and mirrorsCharlotte Lacroix
10:20 am Q/A and break
10:40 amThe regulatory history of hemp, past and presentFalina Hutchinson
11:10 amPets & CBD: Real world data from animal poison controlAhna Brutlag
11:40 amHemp & CBD for animals: History, status & what you should knowBill Bookout
12:10 pmQ/A and panel discussionQ/A
12:30Lunch break

Session 2 – Hemp Processing, CBD Products and Quality

Moderators: Toni Wang and Vermont Dia

1:30 pm Rapid advances in hemp processing: competition and technical innovationEmmett McGregor
2:00 pmExtraction of the terpenoids and cannabinoids from hemp inflorescence using different organic solvents

CBD oil fractionation, refining, and by-product characterization
Tao Fei

2:40 pmChemical analysis of cannabis and cannabis-derived products for the safe and efficacious use in companion petsJack Henion
3:10 pmQuantification of Cannabinoid levels (THCA and THC-D9) in Cannabis using FT-NIR

Contaminant testing considerations for hemp
Kangming Ma

Grace Bandong
3:50 pmAnalytical testing for the hemp industry: quality assurance documented through quality analytical testingChristopher Hudalla
4:20 pmQ/A panel discussion

Wednesday, May 19

Session 3 – Physiological and Health Impact of CBD and Hempseed in Animal Feeding

Moderators: Maryanne Murphy and Julie Albright

8:00 am Hemp and veterinary medicine: An update of pre-clinical and clinical trialsJoe Wakshlag
8:30 amCannabidiol: From drug interaction potential to modulation of the gut microbiomeIgor Koturbash
9:00 amCurrent CBD research at Colorado State UniversityAaron Rozental
9:30 amQ/A and break
9:50 am“Where’s the evidence? The impact of hemp related dietary supplements in companion animal clinical health”Dawn Boothe
10:20 amCannabis and cannabinoids – an introductionDaniele Piomelli
11:00 amQ/A panel discussionQ/A
11:30 amLunch break
Moderators: Phil Myer and Maryanne Murphy
1:00 pmCharacterization of co-products from hempseed oil processingVermont Dia
1:40 pmEvaluation of the safety and efficacy of hemp seed and hemp seed-derived products for use in animal feeds in CanadaJames House
2:10 pmHemp products in cattle: Potential, pharmacokinetics and lessons learnedMike Kleinhenz
2:40 pmQ/A and Break
3:00 pmEvaluation of spent hemp biomass as a potential feedstuff in ruminant dietsSerkan Ates
3:30 pmHemp seedcake feeding safety of commercial laying
hens, general performance, egg quality, cannabinoid residues in egg, tissues and organs
Raj Kasula
4:00 pmQ/A panel discussion
4:20 pmClosing remarksDavid Anderson