Equine Surgery Personnel

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Equine Surgery


Henry (Steve) Adair Profile Page
Henry (Steve) Adair, DVM, MS, DACVS, DACVSMR, CERP
Professor and Director of Equine Performance and Rehabilitation Center
Elizabeth Collar Profile Page
Elizabeth Collar, DVM, PhD, DACVS-LA
Assistant Professor of Equine Surgery
Phillip Jones Profile Page
Phillip Jones, DVM, MS, DACVS
Clinical Assistant Professor of Equine Surgery
Sarah Templeton Profile Page
Sarah Templeton, DVM
Emergency & Critical Care Instructor
Neal Valk Profile Page
Neal Valk, DVM, DACVS
Clinical Associate Professor of Equine Field Service


Remigiusz Grzeskowiak Profile Page
Remigiusz Grzeskowiak, DVM
Medical Resident
Brittany Veerasammy Profile Page
Brittany Veerasammy, DVM
Medical Resident

Technicians and Staff

Jessica Beintema Profile Page
Jessica Beintema, LVMT
Veterinary Technician Intern
Danielle Browning Profile Page
Danielle Browning, LVMT, VTS (Surgery)
Sr. Veterinary Technician II
Jessica Gordon Profile Page
Jessica Gordon, LVMT
Veterinary Nurse II
Maggie McHale Profile Page
Maggie McHale, LVMT
Veterinary Nurse Intern
Jessie Smith Profile Page
Jessie Smith, LVMT
Veterinary Technician
Zoe Stoloff Profile Page
Zoe Stoloff, LVMT
Veterinary Technician
Alexandria Walden Profile Page
Alexandria Walden, LVMT
Veterinary Nurse 1
Karley Warner Profile Page
Karley Warner, LVMT
Veterinary Nurse Intern
Arielle Wolff Profile Page
Arielle Wolff, LVMT
Veterinary Technician II

Vet Assistant

Cassandra Fest Profile Page
Cassandra Fest
Veterinary Assistant II
Chelsea Hopson Profile Page
Chelsea Hopson
Veterinary Assistant
Hunter Hoskins Profile Page
Hunter Hoskins
Veterinary Assistant I
Amanda Massey Profile Page
Amanda Massey
Veterinary Assistant
Lucas Morgan Profile Page
Lucas Morgan
Veterinary Assistant II