Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in South Africa

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Student group in South Africa

Program Overview

Led by Courtney Dickson, UTCVM Adjunct Faculty Member, this three-week non-credit program allows students to work at Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in South Africa for two weeks and visit Kruger National Park for a week.  Specifically, this program exposes first and second year veterinary students to nutrition, enrichment and other techniques used in wildlife rehabilitation and housing non-releasable wild animals.  Students also spend approximately a week in Kruger National Park on safari observing wildlife in their natural habitat.  This program is offered during the summer; the number of students is typically 10 but can vary.  Unfortunately, there is no financial assistance available from the CVM to support this non-credit program.  Dr. Dickson will reach out to the first- and second-year classes in the beginning of the fall semester to describe the program, selection process, and costs. 

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