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Access and Engagement Committee

The purpose of the Access and Engagement Committee is to cultivate an educational and workplace environment that supports engagement and inclusivity for all UTCVM faculty, staff, and students. The College welcomes and respects individuality [ideas, culture, ethnicity, gender identity, and beliefs] and believes broad population access stimulates intellectual growth and positions the College to better serve its local, regional, national, and global communities.

The goals and responsibilities of the Access and Engagement Committee include

  • Working closely with the CVM administration to promote and sustain a welcoming, supportive, and inclusive College climate.
  • Participating in the recruitment and retention of talented individuals from diverse populations into college faculty, staff, and leadership positions.
  • Participating in the recruitment, enrollment, and retention of veterinary and graduate students, encouraging access and engagement of all populations.
  • Helping the college develop and strengthen partnerships with diverse communities in Tennessee and the surrounding region.
  • Ensuring curricular requirements include meaningful intercultural perspectives.
  • Helping foster an educational environment where all professional and graduate students have opportunities to master skills central to becoming effective teachers, researchers, and leaders in a diverse world.