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From its beginning, it has been the aim of Phi Zeta to stand for constant advancement of the veterinary profession, higher educational requirements, and high scholarship. The objective of the society is to recognize and promote scholarship and research in matters pertaining to the welfare and diseases of animals.

Manuscript Award

The annual Phi Zeta manuscript competition is designed to recognize and promote scholarship and research related to the welfare and diseases of animals. There are two categories: 

  • Basic research
  • Clinical research

The University of Tennessee Phi Chapter is entitled to submit one article in each category to compete for the national awards. 

2023 Phi Chapter Winners

Clinical or Applied Research Category Winner: Dr. Remi Grzeskowiak (with Drs. Karrer Alghazali, Silke Hecht, Robert Donnell, Thomas Doherty, Christopher Smith, David Anderson, Alexandru Biris, and Henry Adair). Influence of a novel scaffold composed of polyurethane, hydroxyapatite, and decellularized bone particles on the healing of fourth metacarpal defects in mares. Veterinary Surgery. 2021;50(5):1117-1127. doi: 10.1111/vsu.13608

Basic Research Category: Dr. Kristin Bowers (with Drs. Lisa Amelse, Austin Bow, Steven Newby, Amber MacDonald, Xiaocun Sun, David Anderson, and Madhu Dhar). Mesenchymal Stem Cell Use in Acute Tendon Injury: In Vitro Tenogenic Potential vs. In Vivo Dose Response. Bioengineering. 2022;9(8):407. doi: 10.3390/bioengineering9080407

Student Award

The Tennessee (Phi) Chapter of Phi Zeta presents a certificate and $250 to a senior veterinary professional student in recognition of outstanding scholastic achievement.

2022 Winners

Kristina Kravchenko

Hannah Durick

Award for Excellence in Animal Health Research

During the Comparative & Experimental Medicine Research Symposium, the Phi Chapter provides a certificate and $250 for one presentation that represents Phi Zeta’s goal to excel in scholarship and research in matters pertaining to the welfare and diseases of animals. 

2022 Winner

Taylor Demers

Phi Chapter Current Officers

  • Dr. Diane Hendrix – President
  • Dr. Luca Giori – Secretary/Treasurer

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