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James Thompson Profile Page
James Thompson, DVM, PhD, DACVIM, DACVM
Professor and Dean
Jonathan Abbott Profile Page
Jonathan Abbott, DVM, DACVIM (Cardiology)
Professor of Cardiology
Kim Abney Profile Page
Kim Abney
Laboratory Section Chief
Mohamed Abouelkhair Profile Page
Mohamed Abouelkhair, DVM, MS, PhD, DACVM, C-ABMM
Assistant Professor of Virology & Immunology| Director of Virology Lab| Co-director of the Molecular Diagnostic Lab
Shelly Abrams Profile Page
Shelly Abrams
Research Specialist I
Bailey Acord Profile Page
Bailey Acord, LVMT
Veterinary Technician II
Henry (Steve) Adair Profile Page
Henry (Steve) Adair, DVM, MS, DACVS, DACVSMR, CERP
Professor and Director of Equine Performance and Rehabilitation Center
Richard Adams Profile Page
Richard Adams, LVMT
Veterinary Technician II
Morgan Adkins Profile Page
Morgan Adkins, DVM
Medical Resident
Francis Aduku Profile Page
Francis Aduku, DVM
Graduate Research Assistant
Alea Agrawal Profile Page
Alea Agrawal
Medical Resident
Waqas Ahmed Profile Page
Waqas Ahmed
Post Doct-Research Associate
Josep Aisa Profile Page
Josep Aisa, DVM, DECVS
Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery
Julia Albright Profile Page
Julia Albright, DVM, MA, DACVB
Associate Professor of Behavior
Elizabeth Allen Profile Page
Elizabeth Allen
Administrative Specialist I
Jordyn Alley Profile Page
Jordyn Alley, BS, LVMT
Veterinary Technician II
Lisa Amelse Profile Page
Lisa Amelse, MS, PhD
Senior Laboratory Technologist I
Michael Amoa-Bosompem Profile Page
Michael Amoa-Bosompem
Post-Doct Research Assoc
David Anderson Profile Page
David Anderson, DVM, MS, DACVS, AAAS Fellow
Professor of Large Animal Surgery and Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies
Lane Anderson Profile Page
Lane Anderson, DVM
Kimberly Anderson Profile Page
Kimberly Anderson, DVM, PhD, DACVIM (Neurology)
Clinical Assistant Professor of Neurology
Samantha Anderson Profile Page
Samantha Anderson, LVMT
Veterinary Technician II
Alexis Aponte Profile Page
Alexis Aponte, LVMT
Veterinary Technicial I
Karen Armsey Profile Page
Karen Armsey
Program Administrator
Nicole Arrowood Profile Page
Nicole Arrowood
IT Specialist II
Misty Bailey Profile Page
Misty Bailey, MA, PhD
Curriculum and Assessment Coordinator
Owen Bailey Profile Page
Owen Bailey, LVMT
Veterinary Technician Intern
Jeanine Baine Profile Page
Jeanine Baine
Accounting Specialist
Susan Baiz Profile Page
Susan Baiz, DVM
Medical Resident
Ashley Baldwin Profile Page
Ashley Baldwin
Central Sterilization Aide I
Liana Barbosa Profile Page
Liana Barbosa, DVM
Post-Doc Research Associate
Amber Barnett Profile Page
Amber Barnett
Senior Laboratory Animal Technician I
Madison Baskette Profile Page
Madison Baskette, DVM
Medical Intern
Damion Batchelder Profile Page
Damion Batchelder
IT Administrator II
Glenn Beard Profile Page
Glenn Beard
Senior Veterinary Assistant II
Jonathan Beever Profile Page
Jonathan Beever, MS, PhD
Director & Professor
Jessica Beintema Profile Page
Jessica Beintema, LVMT
Veterinary Technician Intern
Wesley Bell Profile Page
Wesley Bell
Veterinary Assistant
Jacqueline Bellan Profile Page
Jacqueline Bellan, BS, LVMT, VTS (Diagnostic Imaging)
Sr. Veterinary Technician II
Caroline Benham Griffin Profile Page
Caroline Benham Griffin
Medical Resident
Engin Berber Profile Page
Engin Berber
Post-Doct Research Assoc
Teresa Berger Profile Page
Teresa Berger
Business Manager
Joan Bergman Profile Page
Joan Bergman
Laboratory Section Chief III
Thomas Bevelock Profile Page
Thomas Bevelock, DVM
Medical Resident
Biswajit Bhowmick Profile Page
Biswajit Bhowmick
Post-Doctoral Research Associate
Jessica Birdwell Profile Page
Jessica Birdwell, BA, LVMT, VTS (Anesthesia)
Sr. Veterinary Technician II
Nicole Bissonnette Profile Page
Nicole Bissonnette
Veterinary Assistant
Abigail Bohm Profile Page
Abigail Bohm
Veterinary Assistant II
Alexis Boone Profile Page
Alexis Boone, DVM
Medical Resident
Frances Borgers Profile Page
Frances Borgers
Veterinary Assistant II
Jeannie Bormet Profile Page
Jeannie Bormet, BS, LVMT
Referral Coordinator
Skylar Bowers Profile Page
Skylar Bowers, LVMT
Veterinary Technician II
Stephanie Boyd Profile Page
Stephanie Boyd
Director of Referral Services
Keri Boyd Profile Page
Keri Boyd
Preclinical Program Coordinator
Dawnya Breeding Profile Page
Dawnya Breeding, LVMT, CERP
Senior Veterinary Technician I
Anna Brewer Profile Page
Anna Brewer, DVM
Medical Intern
Pamela Brock Profile Page
Pamela Brock, RHIT
Health Information Manager
Nikolas Brooks Profile Page
Nikolas Brooks
Day Shift Supervisor
Kristen Brooks Profile Page
Kristen Brooks
Senior Medical Technologist
Danielle Browning Profile Page
Danielle Browning, LVMT, VTS (Surgery)
Sr. Veterinary Technician II
Haley Brunson Profile Page
Haley Brunson
Veterinary Assistant
Catherine Burlison Profile Page
Catherine Burlison, DVM
Medical Resident
Moriah Burr Profile Page
Moriah Burr, LVMT
Veterinary Technician II
Genevieve Bussieres Profile Page
Genevieve Bussieres, DVM, MSc
Clinical Assistant Professor
Sarah Byrge Profile Page
Sarah Byrge
Senior Histotechnologist I
Lyanne Caballero Profile Page
Lyanne Caballero, LVMT
Veterinary Technician Intern
Rachel Cain Profile Page
Rachel Cain, DVM
Visiting Scholar
Marc Caldwell Profile Page
Marc Caldwell, DVM, PhD DACVIM
Assistant Professor of Farm Animal Field Service
Skyler Caldwell Profile Page
Skyler Caldwell, DVM
Medicine Resident
Virginia Calloway Profile Page
Virginia Calloway, LVMT
Veterinary Technician II
Barbara Campbell Profile Page
Barbara Campbell
Event Coordinator
Kimberly Cardwell Profile Page
Kimberly Cardwell, CPhT
Clinical Specialist II
Marrina Carmichael Profile Page
Marrina Carmichael
Emergency Services Supervisor
Olivia Carney Profile Page
Olivia Carney, LVMT
Veterinary Technician Intern
Lillian Carranza Profile Page
Lillian Carranza, CVT, LVMT
Veterinary Tech II
Tracy Carter Profile Page
Tracy Carter
Administrator II
Dustin (Dut) Chadwell Profile Page
Dustin (Dut) Chadwell, RT, MR
MRI Technician
Timothy Chamberlain Profile Page
Timothy Chamberlain, DVM, MPH
Clinical Instructor of Anatomy
Jeanne Chambers Profile Page
Jeanne Chambers
Accounting Specialist I
William Chandler Profile Page
William Chandler
IT Specialist III
Kimberly Chaney-Bay Profile Page
Kimberly Chaney-Bay
Curriculum Coordinator
Tamara Chavez-Lindell Profile Page
Tamara Chavez-Lindell
Grad Research Assistant
Caitlyn Chirico Profile Page
Caitlyn Chirico, LVMT
Veterinary Technicial II
Hayley Clark Profile Page
Hayley Clark, DVM
Medical Intern
Charla Clevenger Profile Page
Charla Clevenger
Senior Veterinary Assistant II
Ashley Colantoni Profile Page
Ashley Colantoni
Senior Veterinary Assistant I
Elizabeth Collar Profile Page
Elizabeth Collar, DVM, PhD, DACVS-LA
Assistant Professor of Equine Surgery
Katie Como Profile Page
Katie Como, DVM
Medical Intern
Megan Condon Profile Page
Megan Condon
Veterinary Assistant
Gordon Conklin Profile Page
Gordon Conklin, RT, R, MR
MRI Technician
ShaRonda Cooper Profile Page
ShaRonda Cooper, PhD, LPC
Assistant Dean for Students
Camille Cordero Aponte Profile Page
Camille Cordero Aponte
Medical Resident
Dave Cowles Profile Page
Dave Cowles
Senior Computer Systems Specialist
Sherry Cox Profile Page
Sherry Cox, MS, PhD
Clinical Professor of Pharmacology and Director
Hanh Cox Profile Page
Hanh Cox, DVM
Victoria Coy Profile Page
Victoria Coy
Senior Accounting Clerk
Grover Cradic Profile Page
Grover Cradic
Administrator II
Linden Craig Profile Page
Linden Craig, DVM, PhD, DACVP
Clinical Professor of Anatomic Pathology
Renee Crane Profile Page
Renee Crane, LVMT
Veterinary Technician I
Savanah Crotty Profile Page
Savanah Crotty
Administrative Associate I
Elizabeth Croy Profile Page
Elizabeth Croy
Senior Veterinary Technician I
Jamie Cruise Profile Page
Jamie Cruise
Client Services Specialist I
Hannah Cruz Enriquez Profile Page
Hannah Cruz Enriquez, LVMT
Veterinary Technicial II
Michelle Currier Profile Page
Michelle Currier
Assessment Assistant
Sophia Curry Profile Page
Sophia Curry
Admissions Assistant
Andrew Cushing Profile Page
Andrew Cushing, BVSc CertAVP(ZM) MRCVS, Dipl. ACZM
Clinical Associate Professor of Zoological Medicine
James Dale Profile Page
James Dale
Necropsy Section Chief
Regina Dalton Profile Page
Regina Dalton
Administrative Coordinator I
Ashley Dalton Profile Page
Ashley Dalton
Clinical Placement Coordinator
JD Jonathon Daniel Profile Page
JD Jonathon Daniel, DVM
Medical Resident
Jennifer Daniels Profile Page
Jennifer Daniels
Human Resources Consultant
Stephanie Dantino Profile Page
Stephanie Dantino, DVM
Medical Resident
Jeremy Davis Profile Page
Jeremy Davis, CJF, Dip WCF
Certified Journeyman Farrier, Farrier in Residence
Victoria Davis Profile Page
Victoria Davis, CPhT
Certified Pharmacy Technician
Lily Davis Profile Page
Lily Davis, DVM
Medical Resident
Robert DeNovo Profile Page
Robert DeNovo, DVM, DACVIM (Internal Medicine)
Adjunct Professor
Rebekah Kay Debolt Profile Page
Rebekah Kay Debolt, DVM
Clinical Assistant Professor
Patricia Debow Profile Page
Patricia Debow, DVM
Medical Resident
Andrea Dedeaux Profile Page
Andrea Dedeaux, DVM, DACVIM (Oncology), DACVIM (SAIM)
Clinical Assistant Professor
Michelle Dennis Profile Page
Michelle Dennis, DVM, PhD, DACVP
Associate Professor of Anatomic Pathology
Stephanie Denton Profile Page
Stephanie Denton, MSC, LVMT
Sr. Veterinary Technician I
Brandon Denton Profile Page
Brandon Denton
IT Administrator III
Ida Ayu Dewi Profile Page
Ida Ayu Dewi
Grad Research Assistant
Madhu Dhar Profile Page
Madhu Dhar, MS, PhD
Research Professor and Director of the Regenerative Medicine Laboratory
Joel Di Bernardo Profile Page
Joel Di Bernardo, DVM
Robert Dobbins Profile Page
Robert Dobbins
Administrator III
Marcy Dochtermann Profile Page
Marcy Dochtermann, LVMT
Veterinary Technician II
Brittani Dodd Profile Page
Brittani Dodd
Briana Domenegato Profile Page
Briana Domenegato, DVM
Medical Resident
Robert Donnell Profile Page
Robert Donnell, DVM, PhD, DACVP
Associate Professor of Anatomic Pathology and Director
Elizabeth Drake Profile Page
Elizabeth Drake, DVM, DACVD
Associate Professor of Dermatology
Marti Drum Profile Page
Clinical Associate Professor
Melaney Dudley Profile Page
Melaney Dudley
Accounting Specialist I
Megan Dukes Profile Page
Megan Dukes
ClientServices Specialist I
Alyn Dunn Profile Page
Alyn Dunn
Client Services Specialist I
Kristin Dutton Profile Page
Kristin Dutton
Client Services Manager
Emily Dyke Profile Page
Emily Dyke
Grants Manager
Katherine Dziendziel Profile Page
Katherine Dziendziel, ASCP
Senior Laboratory Technologist I
Brianna Elmer Profile Page
Brianna Elmer, LVMT
Veterinary Technician Intern
Ola Elsakhawy Profile Page
Ola Elsakhawy
Grad Research Assistant
Joseph Brock Ertel Profile Page
Joseph Brock Ertel
Health Information Clerk 2
Alejandro Esteller-Vico Profile Page
Alejandro Esteller-Vico, DVM, PhD
Assistant Professor of Endocrinology
Cristian Estrada Profile Page
Cristian Estrada
Veterinary Technician I
John Fang Profile Page
John Fang, LVMT
Veterinary Technician
Thomas Favale Jr Profile Page
Thomas Favale Jr, DVM, LMSW
Clinical Asst. Professor
Connie Fazio Profile Page
Connie Fazio, DVM, DACVR
Clinical Assistant Professor
Claudia Featherstone Profile Page
Claudia Featherstone
Post-Retirement Accounts Receivable Specialist
Kellie Fecteau Profile Page
Kellie Fecteau, MS, PhD
Clinical Associate Professor of Endocrinology and Director
Andrew Ferguson Profile Page
Andrew Ferguson
Medical Technologist I
Cassio Ferrigno Profile Page
Cassio Ferrigno, DVM, MS, PhD, DACVS
Assistant Professor
Cassandra Fest Profile Page
Cassandra Fest
Veterinary Assistant II
Rachel Feuerstein Profile Page
Rachel Feuerstein, LVMT
Veterinary Technician II, VTS (ECC)
Sarah Fiedler Profile Page
Sarah Fiedler
Veterinary Assistant II
Julie Fields Profile Page
Julie Fields
Senior Laboratory Technologist II
Jackie Finley Profile Page
Jackie Finley
Medical Service Specialist II
Laura Fischer Profile Page
Laura Fischer, LVMT
Veterinary Technician II
Rachel Fladung Profile Page
Rachel Fladung, DVM
Medicine Resident
Bente Flatland Profile Page
Bente Flatland, DVM, MS, DACVIM, DACVP
Professor of Clinical Pathology and Director of Diagnostics Laboratory Services
Braidee Foote Profile Page
Braidee Foote, DVM, DACVO
Clinical Assistant Professor
Emily Ford Profile Page
Emily Ford
Communications Coordinator
Kimberly Fortner Profile Page
Kimberly Fortner
Accounting Coordinator I
Stephanie Fowler Profile Page
Stephanie Fowler
Veterinary Nurse Supervisor
Sharon Foy Profile Page
Sharon Foy
Budget Director
Mercedes Fraley Profile Page
Mercedes Fraley, LVMT
Veterinary Technician II
Linda Frank Profile Page
Linda Frank, DVM, MS, DACVD
Professor of Dermatology
Michael Fry Profile Page
Michael Fry, DVM, MS, DACVP
Professor of Clinical Pathology
Margo Fulford Profile Page
Margo Fulford
Veterinary Assistant II
Trent Furr Profile Page
Trent Furr
Veterinary Assistant II
Noreen Gadzekpo Profile Page
Noreen Gadzekpo
Associate Director
Valerie Gallagher Profile Page
Valerie Gallagher
Curriculum Design Manager
Marsha Galyon Profile Page
Marsha Galyon
Sr. Veterinary Assistant I
Ignacio Garcia Profile Page
Ignacio Garcia
Laboratory Assistant II
Jessica Garcia Profile Page
Jessica Garcia, DVM
Medical Resident
Hannah Gardner Profile Page
Hannah Gardner
Veterinary Assistant
Abigail Geick Profile Page
Abigail Geick, DVM
Medical Resident
Lillian Gerhardt Profile Page
Lillian Gerhardt, LVMT
Sr. Veterinary Technician I
Richard Gerhold Profile Page
Richard Gerhold, DVM, MS, PhD
Associate Professor of Parasitology
Jessica Gibbs Profile Page
Jessica Gibbs, CPT
Certfied Pharmacy Technician
Haleigh Giles Profile Page
Haleigh Giles
Veterinary Technician II
Luca Giori Profile Page
Luca Giori, DVM, PhD
Associate Professor of Endocrinology and Assistant Director of Endocrinology Laboratory
Allison Givens-Nunn Profile Page
Allison Givens-Nunn
Medical Administrative Assistant III
Jennifer Goldreich Profile Page
Jennifer Goldreich, DVM
Medical Resident
Steven Goodrich Profile Page
Steven Goodrich
Tyler Gorczyca Profile Page
Tyler Gorczyca
Veterinary Assistant II
Meggan Graves Profile Page
Meggan Graves, DVM
Clinical Associate Professor of Field Service Emergency, Director of Large Animal Emergencies Relief Service
Leah Griffith Profile Page
Leah Griffith, DVM
Medical Resident
Remigiusz Grzeskowiak Profile Page
Remigiusz Grzeskowiak, DVM
Medical Resident
Maggie Gulley Profile Page
Maggie Gulley, LVMT
Senior Veterinary Technician I
Meredith Gumash Profile Page
Meredith Gumash, DVM
Medical Resident
Deborah Haines Profile Page
Deborah Haines, BA, MFA, CMI, FAMI
Medical Illustrator, Design Specialist
Shelby Halliday Profile Page
Shelby Halliday, LVMT
Veterinary Technician
Linda Halverson Profile Page
Linda Halverson, LVMT
Veterinary Technician II
Chiara Hampton Profile Page
Chiara Hampton
Assistant Professor
Catheryn Hance Profile Page
Catheryn Hance
Business Manager
Sandra Harbison Profile Page
Sandra Harbison
Media Relations- Information Specialist I
Cozette Harris Profile Page
Cozette Harris
Client Services Specialist I
Tonya Harrison Profile Page
Tonya Harrison
Veterinary Assistant
Ashley Hartley Profile Page
Ashley Hartley, DVM, PhD, DACVIM (SAIM)
Assistant Professor
Sheila Hatcher Profile Page
Sheila Hatcher
Administrative Support Assistant III
Ivan Haworth Profile Page
Ivan Haworth
Senior Laboratory Technologist I
Jimmy Hayes Profile Page
Jimmy Hayes, LVMT
Senior Veterinary Technician I, Simulation Lab
Conner Hayes Profile Page
Conner Hayes, DVM
Medical Resident
Nocholas Hayes Profile Page
Nocholas Hayes, DVM
ECC Clinician
Sarah Hayes Profile Page
Sarah Hayes, DVM
Medical Resident
Silke Hecht Profile Page
Silke Hecht, Dr. Med. Vet., DACVR, DECVDI
Caitlin Hemby Profile Page
Caitlin Hemby, DVM
Avian & Exotics Intern
Diane Hendrix Profile Page
Diane Hendrix, DVM, DACVO
Professor and Interim Small Animal Clinical Sciences Department Head
Kylie Henriksen Profile Page
Kylie Henriksen, MLS (ASCP)
Medical Technologist I
Misti Henry Profile Page
Misti Henry
Medical Administrative Assistant III
Adrien Hespel Profile Page
Adrien Hespel, DVM, MS, DACVR
Associate Professor of Radiology
Dawn Hickey Profile Page
Dawn Hickey, LVMT, VTS (Physical Rehabilitation), CCRP, CVPP, CCFT
Senior Veterinary Technician II
LeAnn Hicks Profile Page
LeAnn Hicks, LVMT VTS(ECC)
Sr. Veterinary Technician II
Deborah Hill Profile Page
Deborah Hill
Administrative Specialist I
Deb Hill Profile Page
Deb Hill
Accounting Specialist I
Parker Hill Profile Page
Parker Hill
Laboratory Technologist I
Shanna Hillsman Profile Page
Shanna Hillsman, LVMT
Sr. Veterinary Technician I
Melissa Hines Profile Page
Melissa Hines, DVM, PhD, DACVIM
Professor of Equine Internal Medicine
Angela Hoffman-Payne Profile Page
Angela Hoffman-Payne
Supply Room Manager
Brett Hogberg Profile Page
Brett Hogberg, DVM
Medical Resident
Chelsea Hopson Profile Page
Chelsea Hopson
Veterinary Assistant
Emily Hoskins Profile Page
Emily Hoskins, DVM
Medical Resident
Brittany Houk Profile Page
Brittany Houk, LVMT
Veterinary Technician II
Kaitlin Houser Profile Page
Kaitlin Houser
Veterinary Technician II
Shesney Huff Profile Page
Shesney Huff, LVMT
Veterinary Technician II
Tiffany Hunt Profile Page
Tiffany Hunt, BS, LVMT, VTS (Dentistry)
Senior Veterinary Technician II
Krissy Ivy Profile Page
Krissy Ivy, RHIT
Health Information Specialist III
Kyrsta Janas Profile Page
Kyrsta Janas, DVM
Medical Resident
Sara Jenkins Profile Page
Sara Jenkins
LACS Team Supervisor
Alyssa Jenkins Profile Page
Alyssa Jenkins, DVM
Medical Intern
Jana Jinks Profile Page
Jana Jinks, LVMT
Veterinary Technician II
Jessie Johnson Profile Page
Jessie Johnson
Laboratory Assistant III
Brian Johnson Profile Page
Brian Johnson
Senior Laboratory Technologist II
Leigh Ann Johnson Profile Page
Leigh Ann Johnson
Medical Administrative Assistant III
Megan Johnson Profile Page
Megan Johnson, LVMT
Veterinary Technicial II
Corinne Johnson Profile Page
Corinne Johnson, LVMT
Veterinary Technician
Robert Johnson Profile Page
Robert Johnson
Maintenance Specialist
Kiley Johnson Profile Page
Kiley Johnson, DVM
Medical Resident
Austin Johnson Profile Page
Austin Johnson
Maintenance Specialist
Alexis Johnson Profile Page
Alexis Johnson, DVM
Medical Resident
Rebekah Jones Profile Page
Rebekah Jones
Laboratory Section Chief
Janet Jones Profile Page
Janet Jones, BS, LVMT
Hospital Clinical Director
Janet Jones Profile Page
Janet Jones, LVMT
Sr. Veterinary Technician I
Phillip Jones Profile Page
Phillip Jones, DVM, MS, DACVS
Clinical Assistant Professor of Equine Surgery
Bonnylee Kennedy Profile Page
Bonnylee Kennedy, LVMT, VTS (Anesthesia)
Sr. Veterinary Technician I
Mary Kerby Profile Page
Mary Kerby, DVM
Medical Intern
Meagan King Profile Page
Meagan King, LVMT
Veterinary Technician
Claudia Kirk Profile Page
Claudia Kirk, DVM, PhD, DACVIM (Internal Medicine) & DACVN
Amy Kirk Profile Page
Amy Kirk
Management Specialist
Pearl Kirkland-Smith Profile Page
Pearl Kirkland-Smith
Business Manager
Noah Kivlin Profile Page
Noah Kivlin
Laboratory Technologist I
Stephanie Kleine Profile Page
Stephanie Kleine, DVM, PhD, DACVAA
Assistant Professor
Sabrina Klepper Profile Page
Sabrina Klepper, BS, LVMT, VTS (Clin. Prac.-Canine/Felinee))
Sr. Veterinary Technician I
Cindy Knisley Profile Page
Cindy Knisley
Business Manager
Courtney Komjathy Profile Page
Courtney Komjathy
Client Services Specialist I
Liza Koster Profile Page
Liza Koster, DVM, EBVS (Internal Medicine and Cardiology)
Clinical Assistant Professor of Cardiology
Delbert Krahwinkel Profile Page
Delbert Krahwinkel, DVM, DACECC, DACVS, DACVA
Professor Emeritus
Philip Krawec Profile Page
Philip Krawec, DVM
Medical Resident
Shayla Ladd Profile Page
Shayla Ladd
Clinical Specialist II
Amber Lambdin Profile Page
Amber Lambdin, LVMT
Veterinary Technicial II
Charles Lambrecht Profile Page
Charles Lambrecht, BS
Team Leader
India Lane Profile Page
India Lane
Professor and Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs
Arantxa Lasa Profile Page
Arantxa Lasa, LVMT
Veterinary Technician II
Paula Lawson Profile Page
Paula Lawson, BS, CAP
Scheduler I
Andrea Lear Profile Page
Andrea Lear, DVM, MS, PhD, DACVIM-LA
Assistant Professor of Food Animal Field Services
Katie Lee Profile Page
Katie Lee
Laboratory Assistant III
Jack Lee Profile Page
Jack Lee, DVM
Medical Resident
Rachel Lees Profile Page
Rachel Lees, LVMT, KPA-CTP, VTS (Behavior)
Senior Veterinary Technician I
Xiaohui Li Profile Page
Xiaohui Li
Lab Assistant II
Kimiko Liles Profile Page
Kimiko Liles
Client Services Specialist I
Wayne Lilly Profile Page
Wayne Lilly, DVM
Clinical Instructor
Lichao Liu Profile Page
Lichao Liu
Graduate Research Assistant
Denae LoBato Profile Page
Denae LoBato, DVM, PhD, DACVP
Clinical Assistant Professor of Anatomic Pathology
Renee Lombardi Profile Page
Renee Lombardi
SR Veterinary Assistant
Jeremy Long Profile Page
Jeremy Long, Pharm.D, FVHP
Donna Longmire Profile Page
Donna Longmire
Administrative Specialist 1
Jennifer Lord Profile Page
Jennifer Lord
Grad Research Assistant
Charles (Chad) Lothamer Profile Page
Charles (Chad) Lothamer, DVM, DAVDC
Clinical Assistant Professor of Dentistry
Sarah Lovell Profile Page
Sarah Lovell
Vet Tech Intern
Andrew Lufkin Profile Page
Andrew Lufkin
Social Worker (Clinical)
Cassie Lux Profile Page
Cassie Lux, DVM, DACVS-SA
Associate Professor
Elizabeth Majette Profile Page
Elizabeth Majette, DVM
Allison Mallard Profile Page
Allison Mallard, DVM
Medical Resident
Christopher Margrey Profile Page
Christopher Margrey, DVM
Medical Resident
Sarah Marnin Profile Page
Sarah Marnin, DVM
Medical Resident
Kristen Marshall Profile Page
Kristen Marshall, DVM, MVSc, DACVECC
Clinical Assistant Professor of Emergency & Critical Care
Olya Martin Profile Page
Olya Martin, DVM, DACVIM (Oncology)
Clinical Associate Professor
Eric Martin Profile Page
Eric Martin, DVM, MS
Clinical Assistant Professor of Equine Field Service
Dawn Martin Profile Page
Dawn Martin
Veterinary Technician II
Amanda Massey Profile Page
Amanda Massey
Veterinary Assistant
Melaney Mayes Profile Page
Melaney Mayes, DVM
Medical Intern
Ken McClain Profile Page
Ken McClain
Curriculum Coordinator II
Karen McCormick Profile Page
Karen McCormick, DVM, MS, DACVIM-LA
Clinical Associate Professor of Equine Internal Medicine
Charles McIntosh Profile Page
Charles McIntosh, DVM
Medical Intern
Karen McLucas Profile Page
Karen McLucas, AAS
Sr. Clinical Specialist I
Melissa McNabb Profile Page
Melissa McNabb, DVM
Medical Intern
Kimberly McWhorter Profile Page
Kimberly McWhorter
Digital Imaging Coordinator
Nicole Meagher Profile Page
Nicole Meagher, LVMT
Veterinary Technician II
Cassandra Meitner Profile Page
Cassandra Meitner, LVMT
Senior Veterinary Technician I
Tasha Mercado Profile Page
Tasha Mercado, LVMT
Veterinary Technician II
Melissa Meridieth Profile Page
Melissa Meridieth, CAP
Medical Administrative Specialist I
Emily Messer Profile Page
Emily Messer
Executive Assistant to the Dean
Deb Miller Profile Page
Deb Miller, DVM, PhD
Clint Miller Profile Page
Clint Miller
Veterinary Technicial 1
Darryl Millis Profile Page
Professor of Small Animal Surgery and Physical Rehabilitation, CVM Acree Chair in Small Animal Medicine
Caitlin Millis Profile Page
Caitlin Millis
Veterinary Assistant II
Tom Monto Profile Page
Tom Monto, DVM
Medical Resident (1st year)
Jessica Montoya Profile Page
Jessica Montoya, LVMT
Senior Veterinary Technician I
Leah Moody Profile Page
Leah Moody, DVM
Medical Resident
Talisha Moore Profile Page
Talisha Moore, DVM, DACVIM (Neurology)
Clinical Assistant Professor of Neurology
Federica Morandi Profile Page
Federica Morandi, DVM, MS, DECVDI, DACVR
Ashley Morgan Profile Page
Ashley Morgan, DVM
Instructor (PRN)
Lucas Morgan Profile Page
Lucas Morgan
Veterinary Assistant I
Erin Morrison Profile Page
Erin Morrison, LVMT
Veterinary Technician II
Tamberlyn Moyers Profile Page
Tamberlyn Moyers, LVMT, VTS (Nutrition)
Sr. Veterinary Technician II
Pierre-Yves Mulon Profile Page
Pierre-Yves Mulon, DV (DVM), DES, DACVS-LA
Associate Professor of Large Animal Surgery
Devin Munsey Profile Page
Devin Munsey
Senior Veterinary Assistant II
Maryanne Murphy Profile Page
Maryanne Murphy, DVM, PhD, DACVN (Nutrition)
Clinical Associate Professor
Bethany Myerow Profile Page
Bethany Myerow, DVM, DACVIM
Assistant Clinical Professor of Internal Medicine
Rajeev Nair Profile Page
Rajeev Nair, DVM
Clinical Assistant Professor
Bridgett Nalepa Profile Page
Bridgett Nalepa
Client Services Specialist I
Prachi Namjoshi Profile Page
Prachi Namjoshi
Post-Doct Research Associate
Krittika Nandy Profile Page
Krittika Nandy
Graduate Research Assistant
Shayla Nanni Profile Page
Shayla Nanni
Client Services Specialist I
Girish Neelakanta Profile Page
Girish Neelakanta, PhD
Associate Professor
Deborah Nelson Profile Page
Deborah Nelson
Accounting Specialist III
Brittany Nelson Profile Page
Brittany Nelson, LVMT
Veterinary Technician II
Lisa Neufang Profile Page
Lisa Neufang, DVM
Medical Resident
Durga Neupane Profile Page
Durga Neupane
Graduate Research Assistant
Kim Newkirk Profile Page
Kim Newkirk, DVM, PhD, DACVP
Professor of Anatomic Pathology and Interim Biomedical and Diagnostic Sciences Department Head
Laura Newman Profile Page
Laura Newman, BS, LVMT
Senior Veterinary Technician I
Samantha Newman Profile Page
Samantha Newman
Veterinary Technician I
Zenithson Ng Profile Page
Zenithson Ng, DVM, MS, DABVP (Canine/Feline)
Clinical Associate Professor
Tracy Nguyen Profile Page
Tracy Nguyen, DVM
Medical Intern
Alexis Niceley Profile Page
Alexis Niceley
Program Administrator
Jaime Norris Profile Page
Jaime Norris
Administrative Specialist II
Jaclynn O'Brien Profile Page
Jaclynn O'Brien
Veterinary Assistant II
Rebecca O'Connor Profile Page
Rebecca O'Connor
Facilities Supervisor II
Agricola Odoi Profile Page
Agricola Odoi, BVM, MSc, PhD, FAHA
Professor of Epidemiology and Assistant Dean of Research and Graduate Studies
Chika Okafor Profile Page
Chika Okafor, DVM, MS, PhD, DACVPM (Epidemiology)
Assiociate Professor with Tenure
Shelly Olin Profile Page
Shelly Olin, DVM, DACVIM (SAIM)
Clinical Associate Professor of Internal Medicine
Marie Antonette Ortiz Profile Page
Marie Antonette Ortiz
Instructional Designer
Susan Owens Profile Page
Susan Owens, CPS
Client Services Specialist III, SACS
Hannah Palko Profile Page
Hannah Palko
Admin Specialist I
Christine Palmer Profile Page
Christine Palmer
Scheduler I
Aurora Parker Profile Page
Aurora Parker
Veterinary Assistant I
Kayla Parrott Profile Page
Kayla Parrott, LVMT
Veterinary Technician II
Royal Paschall Profile Page
Royal Paschall
IT Technologist III
Mary Passmore Profile Page
Mary Passmore, LVMT, VTS (LAIM), MSSW
Senior Veterinary Technician II
Sharon Patton Profile Page
Sharon Patton
Professor Emeritus
Katie Penland Profile Page
Katie Penland
Laboratory Assistant
Kelsey Peterson Profile Page
Kelsey Peterson
Laboratory Technologist I
Dawn Phillips Profile Page
Dawn Phillips, LVMT
Veterinary Technician II
Lufuno Phophi Profile Page
Lufuno Phophi
Grad Research Assistant
Jorge Pineda Profile Page
Jorge Pineda
Curriculum Design Manager
Uma Pippens Profile Page
Uma Pippens
Veterinary Assistant II
Elizabeth Pisack Profile Page
Elizabeth Pisack, CVM
Medical Resident
Bethanie Poe Profile Page
Bethanie Poe
Coordinator I
Mahes Poyill Profile Page
Mahes Poyill
Post-Doc Research Associate
Tulio Prado Profile Page
Tulio Prado, MV (DVM), MS, DACT
Professor of Theriogenology
Eduardo Prado Profile Page
Eduardo Prado, DVM
Theriogenology Intern
Julie Price Profile Page
Julie Price, LVMT
Veterinary Technician I
Julie Pryor Profile Page
Julie Pryor
Laboratory Assistant II
Sheri Pugh Profile Page
Sheri Pugh
Associate Director
Angel Quiggle Profile Page
Angel Quiggle
Senior Medical Technologist II
Evanna Rader Profile Page
Evanna Rader
Non-UT Student Assistant
Sreekmari Rajeev Profile Page
Sreekmari Rajeev, BVSc & AH, PhD, DACVM, DACVP
Professor of Infectious Diseases and Director of Bacteriology and Mycology Laboratory
Mariola Rak Profile Page
Mariola Rak, DVM
Medical Resident
Christopher Ramsey Profile Page
Christopher Ramsey
Laboratory Section Chief - Clinical Pathology
Sarah Ramsey Profile Page
Sarah Ramsey
Central Sterilization Technician
Kristi Rankin Profile Page
Kristi Rankin, Pharma.D
Porsha Reed Profile Page
Porsha Reed
Senior Laboratory Technologist I
Robert Reed Jr Profile Page
Robert Reed Jr
Professor of Anatomy
Kayla Reger Profile Page
Kayla Reger, BS, LVMT, VTS (Anesthesia)
Senior Veterinary Technician I
Allison Renwick Profile Page
Allison Renwick
Grad Research Assistant
Talisha Reyes Profile Page
Talisha Reyes, BS, LVMT, VTS (Anesthesia)
Sr. Veterinary Technician II
Janet Roberson Profile Page
Janet Roberson
Health Information Specialist II
Alicia Robino Profile Page
Alicia Robino
Lab Safety Coordinator
Megan Roeder Profile Page
Megan Roeder, DVM
ECC Clinician
Barton Rohrbach Profile Page
Barton Rohrbach
Associate Professor Emeritus
Angela Rollins Profile Page
Angela Rollins, DVM, PhD, DACVIM (Nutrition)
Clinical Associate Professor
Ashkan Roozitalab Profile Page
Ashkan Roozitalab
Graduate Research Assistant
Shira Rosenblum Profile Page
Shira Rosenblum, VMD
Orthopedic Fellow
Juliet Ross Profile Page
Juliet Ross, DVM
Medical Resident
Devon Rourke Profile Page
Devon Rourke, LVMT
Veterinary Technician II (PRN)
Barry Rouse Profile Page
Barry Rouse
Distinguished Professor
MD Sakar Profile Page
MD Sakar
Grad Research Assistant
Jake Salzman Profile Page
Jake Salzman, DVM
Medical Resident
Ruth Sapp Profile Page
Ruth Sapp
Coordinator I
Kaleena Scarbro Profile Page
Kaleena Scarbro, LVMT
Veterinary Technician II
Deanna Schaefer Profile Page
Deanna Schaefer, DVM, MS, MT(ASCP), DACVP
Associate Professor of Clinical Pathology
John Schaefer Profile Page
John Schaefer, DVM, MS, PhD, DACVM
Clinical Assistant Professor of Parasitology and Director
Julie Schildt Profile Page
Julie Schildt, DVM, DACVECC
Clinical Associate Professor of Emergency & Critical Care
James Schumacher Profile Page
James Schumacher, DVM, MS, DACVS
Jessica Secundino Profile Page
Jessica Secundino
Financial Associate 2
Reza Seddighi Profile Page
Reza Seddighi, DVM, MS, DVSc/PhD, Diplomate American College of Veterinary Anesthesia and Analgesia
Professor of Anesthesiology
Eric Seiber Profile Page
Eric Seiber
Senior Budget Manager
Ashley Self Profile Page
Ashley Self, BS, LVMT, VTS (Nutrition)
Veterinary Technician II
Dorothy Sharp Profile Page
Dorothy Sharp, B.S., LVMT, VTS (Diagnostic Imaging)
Senior Veterinary Technician II, Supervisor
Shannon Sharp Profile Page
Shannon Sharp
Curriculum Coordinator II
Julie Sheldon Profile Page
Julie Sheldon, DVM, MS, Dipl. ACZM
Clinical Assistant Professor
Wesley Sheley Profile Page
Wesley Sheley, DVM, PhD, DACVP
Assistant Professor
Brent Shelton Profile Page
Brent Shelton
Veterinary Assistant II
Deborah Shepherd Profile Page
Deborah Shepherd
Aaron Shults Profile Page
Aaron Shults
Laboratory Section Chief- Virology
Elizabeth Simmons Profile Page
Elizabeth Simmons
Client Services Specialist
Heather Simon Profile Page
Heather Simon, DVM
Medical Resident
Michelle Smallwood Profile Page
Michelle Smallwood, DVM
Christopher Smith Profile Page
Christopher Smith, DVM, DACVAA
Clinical Assistant Professor
Jillian Smith Profile Page
Jillian Smith, DVM
Clinical Assistant Professor
Joseph Smith Profile Page
Assistant Professor of Farm Animal Medicine and Pharmacology
Jessie Smith Profile Page
Jessie Smith, LVMT
Veterinary Technician
Renee Smith Profile Page
Renee Smith
Accounting Specialist
Phillip Snow Profile Page
Phillip Snow
Information Specialist I
Carla Sommardahl Profile Page
Carla Sommardahl, DVM, PhD, DACVIM
Clinical Professor of Equine Internal Medicine and Large Animal Clinical Sciences Department Head
Marcy Souza Profile Page
Marcy Souza, DVM, MPH, MPPA, DABVP (Avian), DACVPM
Professor and Associate Dean Office for Outreach and Global Engagement Biomedical & Diagnostic Sciences
Kristin Sowder Profile Page
Kristin Sowder, BA
Medical Administrative Assistant III
Nora Springer Profile Page
Nora Springer, DVM, PhD, DACVP
Assistant Professor of Clinical Pathology
Nathan Squire Profile Page
Nathan Squire, VMD
Medical Resident
Daniel Stafford Profile Page
Daniel Stafford
Senior Veterinary Assistant I
Alyssa Stair Profile Page
Alyssa Stair, BS, LVMT
Veterinary Technician II
Kathleen Stanford Profile Page
Kathleen Stanford, DVM
Medical Intern
Kayela Statom Profile Page
Kayela Statom
Coordinator of Recruitment & Diversity Activities
Britney Stearns Profile Page
Britney Stearns
Veterinary Assistant II
Stephanie Steuri Profile Page
Stephanie Steuri, DVM
Surgery Resident
Terry Stevens Profile Page
Terry Stevens, Pharm.D
Jennifer Stokes Profile Page
Jennifer Stokes, DVM, DACVIM (Internal Med.)
Clinical Professor
Jennifer Stokes Profile Page
Jennifer Stokes, DVM
Scott Stokowski Profile Page
Scott Stokowski, DVM
Medical Resident (2nd Year)
Zoe Stoloff Profile Page
Zoe Stoloff, LVMT
Veterinary Technician
Elizabeth Strand Profile Page
Elizabeth Strand, PhD, LCSW
Clinical Assoc Professor
Rebecca Strickland Profile Page
Rebecca Strickland
Central Supply Assistant
Lew Strickland Profile Page
Lew Strickland, DVM, MS, DACT
Associate Professor of Veterinary Extension
Jamie Stuffle Profile Page
Jamie Stuffle, LVMT
Sr. Veterinary Technician II
Hameeda Sultana Profile Page
Hameeda Sultana
Associate Professor
Jason Svedberg Profile Page
Jason Svedberg
Veterinary Assistant
Liandrie Swanepoel Profile Page
Liandrie Swanepoel, DVM
Medical Intern
Sherri Sweeney Profile Page
Sherri Sweeney
Health Information Clerk 2
Nicole Szafranski Profile Page
Nicole Szafranski, DVM
Resident, Parasitology
Chelsey Taylor Profile Page
Chelsey Taylor, B.S.
Supervisor, Accounts Receivable
Christina Taylor Profile Page
Christina Taylor
Shipping & Receiving Maintenance Specialist
Andrew Teague Profile Page
Andrew Teague, LVMT
Veterinary Technician II
Bailey Teitge Profile Page
Bailey Teitge, DVM
Medical Resident
Sarah Templeton Profile Page
Sarah Templeton, DVM
Emergency & Critical Care Instructor
Lori Terrones Profile Page
Lori Terrones
Veterinary Assistant I
Kandace Tew Profile Page
Kandace Tew, LVMT
Senior Veterinary Technician I
William Thomas Profile Page
William Thomas, DVM, MS, DACVIM (Neurology)
Professor of Neurology and Interim Hospital Director
Danielle Thomas Profile Page
Danielle Thomas
Sharon Thompson Profile Page
Sharon Thompson, DVM, MPH
Director, CAFSP And Co-Director, TN Integrated Food Safety Center of Excellence
Jessica Thompson Profile Page
Jessica Thompson, LVMT
Senior Veterinary Technician I
Stephen Tinkel Profile Page
Stephen Tinkel, LVMT
Operating Room Supervisor
Karen Tobias Profile Page
Karen Tobias, DVM, MS, DACVS
Morgan Tolbert Profile Page
Morgan Tolbert
Administrative Assistant for Research & Graduate Program
Adrianna Tompros Profile Page
Adrianna Tompros
Laboratory Technologist I
Geoffrey Trivette Profile Page
Geoffrey Trivette
Makayla Trott Profile Page
Makayla Trott
Veterinary Assistant II
Diane Tudor Profile Page
Diane Tudor
Client Services Specialist III
Carol Tuft Profile Page
Carol Tuft
Veterinary Assistant II
Diana Unzaga Profile Page
Diana Unzaga
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Kaitlyn Upton Profile Page
Kaitlyn Upton, DVM
Tena Ursini Profile Page
Tena Ursini, DVM, PhD, DACVMSR, CERP
Clinical Assistant Professor of Equine Rehabilitation
Neal Valk Profile Page
Neal Valk, DVM, DACVS
Clinical Associate Professor, Equine Field Service
Amy Van Skyhawk Profile Page
Amy Van Skyhawk
Administrative Assistant
Derek Vanderhoff Profile Page
Derek Vanderhoff, LVMT
Sr Veterinary Technician I
Brittany Veerasammy Profile Page
Brittany Veerasammy, DVM
Medical Resident
Marcella Viart Profile Page
Marcella Viart
Veterinary Technician
Ricardo Videla Profile Page
Ricardo Videla, MV, MS, DACVIM
Clinical Assistant Professor of Farm Animal Medicine and Surgery
Mariana Vigeral Profile Page
Mariana Vigeral, DVM
Medical Resident
Mary Vineyard Profile Page
Mary Vineyard
Accounting Specialist I
Michelle Waligora Profile Page
Michelle Waligora, DVM
Medical Intern
Tara Walker Profile Page
Tara Walker
Medical Administrative Assistant
Daniel Ward Profile Page
Daniel Ward, DVM, PhD, DACVO
Zavanneh Ward Profile Page
Zavanneh Ward
Veterinary Assistant I
Ruth Watt-Yates Profile Page
Ruth Watt-Yates
Accounting Specialist II
Kristin Watts Profile Page
Kristin Watts
Senior Veterinary Assistant I
Christine Weaver Profile Page
Christine Weaver
Senior Veterinary Assistant II
Jennifer Weisent Profile Page
Jennifer Weisent, DVM, PhD
Clinical Assistant Professor
Megan Weller Profile Page
Megan Weller
Veterinary Assistant II
Leslie Wereszczak Profile Page
Leslie Wereszczak, LVMT, VTS (ECC)
Emergency & Critical Care Director
Jena West Profile Page
Jena West, BA, LVMT, VTS (Cardiology)
Sr. Veterinary Technician I
Debra White Profile Page
Debra White
Veterinary Assistant II
Brian Whitlock Profile Page
Brian Whitlock, DVM, MS, PhD, DACT
Professor, Farm Animal Field Service and Theriogenology
Jacqueline Whittemore Profile Page
Jacqueline Whittemore, DVM, PhD, DACVIM (Internal Med.)
Clinical Associate Professor
Melissa Wilkerson Profile Page
Melissa Wilkerson
Health Information Clerk III, Level 1
Marcus Williford, Sr Profile Page
Marcus Williford, Sr
Maintenance Specialist Foreman
Carolyn Wilson Profile Page
Carolyn Wilson
Manager, Large Animal Veterinary Assistants
Michele Wilson Profile Page
Michele Wilson, BS, LVMT
Sr. Veterinary Technician I
Sabrina Wilson Profile Page
Sabrina Wilson, LVMT
Referral Coordinator
Hanna Witt Profile Page
Hanna Witt
Vet Technician
Arielle Wolff Profile Page
Arielle Wolff, LVMT
Veterinary Technician II
Greg Woo Profile Page
Greg Woo, DVM
Orthopedic Fellow
Margaret Wood Profile Page
Margaret Wood
Scheduler I
Rebecca Woodbury Profile Page
Rebecca Woodbury
Medical Administrative Assistant II
Ellis Wright Profile Page
Ellis Wright, DVM
Avian & Exotics Rotating Intern
Rachael Wyrick Profile Page
Rachael Wyrick
Pharmacist in Charge
Julia Wyrick-Egan Profile Page
Julia Wyrick-Egan
Admissions Assistant
Heidi Wyrosdick Profile Page
Heidi Wyrosdick, MS
Lab Section Chief III
Julia Yeary Profile Page
Julia Yeary
Senior Accounting Clerk
Page Zachary Profile Page
Page Zachary
Administrative Support Assistant II
Laura Zimbrick Profile Page
Laura Zimbrick
Assistant Director for Advancement
Crystal Zimmerman Profile Page
Crystal Zimmerman, CVT
Veterinary Technician II
Christina Zukas Profile Page
Christina Zukas, LVMT
Veterinary Technician II