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The college’s curriculum belongs to the faculty, with oversight by the college’s Curriculum Committee and the Office of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

Assessment methods, along with data collection and analysis, are coordinated by the Curriculum and Assessment Coordinator, with oversight from the college’s Assessment Committee and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.


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Course Coordinator

Rotation Coordinator

Important Deadlines for Course & Rotation Coordinators

  • Key Date Calendar​: Includes attendance tracking and grade entry deadlines
  • Also, see Course Coordinator Guide and Rotation Coordinator Guide above.

Evaluation of Pre-Clinical Courses & Instructors

All UTCVM courses, and instructors who give at least 4 lectures/labs in a course, are evaluated by students at the end of each semester.

Learning Outcomes/Objectives


When students use the SDS Testing Center, the student should schedule the exam at least 7 days in advance (2 weeks before study day​ for finals). The instructor will receive an e-mail notification before the exam in order to provide the testing center with information about the exam and a copy of the exam. Log in to the SDS Faculty Portal. From there, find the student(s) who are scheduled to take the exam for your class, select the student/exam, and provide the needed materials. If the exam is through ExamSoft, notate that the exam is “online” and provide the exam password (it also a good idea to include a hard copy).​

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