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Interim Department Head

Kim M Newkirk Profile Page
Kim M Newkirk


Bente Flatland Profile Page
Bente Flatland
Professor of Clinical Pathology & Director of Diagnostic Services
Mohamed Abouelkhair Profile Page
Mohamed Abouelkhair
Assistant Professor of Immunology and Virology
Misty Renee Bailey Profile Page
Misty Renee Bailey
Assistant Professor Of Practice
Tim Chamberlain Profile Page
Tim Chamberlain
Clinical Instructor
Sherry Cox Profile Page
Sherry Cox
Clinical Professor
Linden E Craig Profile Page
Linden E Craig
Clinical Professor of Anatomic Pathology
Michelle Dennis Profile Page
Michelle Dennis
Alex Esteller-Vico Profile Page
Alex Esteller-Vico
Assistant Professor
Kellie A Fecteau Profile Page
Kellie A Fecteau
Clinical Assoc Professor
Richard William Gerhold Jr Profile Page
Richard William Gerhold Jr
Associate Professor
Luca Giori Profile Page
Luca Giori
Associate Professor of Endocrinology
Sarah C Linn-Peirano Profile Page
Sarah C Linn-Peirano
Assistant Professor
Denae Nadine LoBato Profile Page
Denae Nadine LoBato
Clinical Assistant Professor of Anatomic Pathology
Jennifer Elizabeth Lord Profile Page
Jennifer Elizabeth Lord
Assistant Professor of Veterinary Public Health
Michael Mahero Profile Page
Michael Mahero
Assistant Professor
Dennis Makau Profile Page
Dennis Makau
Assistant Professor
Deb Miller Profile Page
Deb Miller
Girish Neelakanta Profile Page
Girish Neelakanta
Associate Professor
Agricola Odoi Profile Page
Agricola Odoi
Chika C Okafor Profile Page
Chika C Okafor
Associate Professor
Sree Rajeev Profile Page
Sree Rajeev
Professor of Microbiology & Director of Microbiology Laboratory
Robert B Reed Jr Profile Page
Robert B Reed Jr
Barry T Rouse Profile Page
Barry T Rouse
Institute Professor
Deanna M Schaefer Profile Page
Deanna M Schaefer
Associate Professor of Clinical Pathology
John Jeffrey Schaefer Profile Page
John Jeffrey Schaefer
Clinical Assistant Professor of Parasitology
Wesley Sheley Profile Page
Wesley Sheley
Assistant Professor
Marcy Jan Souza Profile Page
Marcy Jan Souza
Professor & Associate Dean
Hameeda Sultana Profile Page
Hameeda Sultana
Associate Professor
Sharon Robin Thompson Profile Page
Sharon Robin Thompson
Clinical Professor

Research Post-Doctoral Associates

Liana Barbosa Profile Page
Liana Barbosa
Post-Doctoral Research Associate
Biswajit Bhowmick Profile Page
Biswajit Bhowmick
Post-Doct Research Associate
Corey Allen Day Profile Page
Corey Allen Day
Post-Doctoral Research Associate
Prachi Mukund Namjoshi Profile Page
Prachi Mukund Namjoshi
Post-Doct Research Associate
Durga Neupane Profile Page
Durga Neupane
Grad Research Assistant
Mahesh Puthiyottu Poyil Profile Page
Mahesh Puthiyottu Poyil
Post-Doct Research Assoc


Nicole Marie Szafranski Profile Page
Nicole Marie Szafranski
Medical Resident


Elizabeth Allen Profile Page
Elizabeth Allen
Admin Specialist I
Teri Berger Profile Page
Teri Berger
Business Manager
Joan Bergman Profile Page
Joan Bergman
Laboratory Supervisor, Pharmacology
Frances Anne Bogan Profile Page
Frances Anne Bogan
Project Manager
Savanah Vega Crotty Profile Page
Savanah Vega Crotty
Administrative Assistant, Biopsy and Necropsy
Noreen Gadzekpo Profile Page
Noreen Gadzekpo
Assoc Director, Operations
Val Gallagher Profile Page
Val Gallagher
Curriculum Design Manager
Jacob Hancock Profile Page
Jacob Hancock
Logistics Coordinator
Sarah Mackenzie Hawkins Profile Page
Sarah Mackenzie Hawkins
Logistics & Accounting Coordinator
Deb Hill Profile Page
Deb Hill
Accounting Specialist
Deborah Marie Hill Profile Page
Deborah Marie Hill
Admin Specialist I
Ken McClain Profile Page
Ken McClain
Curriculum Coordinator
Pete Mercier IV Profile Page
Pete Mercier IV
Instructional Designer
Marie Ortega de Ortiz Profile Page
Marie Ortega de Ortiz
Instructional Designer
Sheri Pugh Profile Page
Sheri Pugh
Assoc Director, Comm & Outreach
Shannon Sharp Profile Page
Shannon Sharp
Curriculum Coordinator

Graduate Students