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Facilities & Core Resources

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UTCVM Facilities & Equipment

The College of Veterinary Medicine contains approximately 18,600 square feet of research laboratory space.  These labs contain standard equipment and resources, in addition to the following specialized equipment that is available to all UTCVM investigators: 

​CT and MRI​Equine Salt Water SpaFACS Aria Cell Sorter
Linear AcceleratorMicroplate ReaderNandrop 2000
​​Hydrofloatation Tank​Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers​ImageQuant LAS 4000 mini
​SmartCycler​Transmission Electronmicroscope​Underwater Treadmills

University Facilities & Equipment

Graduate and professional students and faculty also have access to core facilities across the university campus, including the following:

​Affymetrix Core FacilityAdvanced Microscopy and Imaging CenterGenomics Hub
Newton High Performance Computing ProgramSequencing LabBiology Service Facility
Joint Institute for Biological Sciences
(includes Spallation Neutron Source)
Polymer Characterization LaboratoryJohnson Animal Research & Teaching Unit
Biological and Small Molecule Mass Spectrometry Core (BSMMSC)

Current UT Core Facilities

Advanced Microscopy and Imaging Center. Core Manager: Jaydeep KolapeBiological and Small Molecule Mass Spectrometry Core (BSMMSC). Core Director: Shawn Campagna 
CEB Bioimaging Center. Core Director: Steven Ripp. Ion Beam Materials Laboratory. Core Manager: William J. Weber. 
JIAM Advanced Photoelectronic Spectrometer Lab. JIAM Electromagnetic Properties Lab (JIAM EMP). Contact: Rupam Mukherjee
JIAM Electron Microscopy. Core Manager: John Dunlap. JIAM Molecular Beam Epitaxy Lab. 
JIAM Micro-Processing Research Facility (MPRF). Core Director: Eric Lukosi. JIAM X-Ray Diffraction Core Facility. Core Manager: Michael Koehler 
Laboratory for Environmental Archaeology. Core Manager: Howard Cyr Polymer Characterization Laboratory​. Core Manager: Katrina Pangilinan 
User eXperience Lab and Messaging Effects Core. Core Manager: Rachel Volentine. UT Genomics Core. Core Manager: Frank Loeffler Sanger sequencing
Next-generation Illumina sequencingUT Water Quality Core Facility. Core Manager: Adrian Gonzalez 
Bioinformatics Resource Center. Resource Contact: Robert Murdoch 

OIT’s Research Computing Support Group. Resource Contact: Robert A Muenchen. 

  • Apps.utk.edu – Windows system with an extensive set of research software, some of which is centrally available only there. With special arrangements, jobs can run multiple days and use up to 24 gigabytes of system memory. Software is listed at http://oit.utk.edu/software​.
  • Statistical Consulting – including assistance with experimental design, sample size determination, web survey design and deployment, data graphics, data analysis, data and text mining, and writing/editing results sections.
  • Qualitative Research Consulting – assistance with research design and methodology, data organization and analysis, framework and research question development, and computer-based analysis.
  • Science & Engineering Support – assistance with MATLAB, Mathematica, ImageJ, etc.
  • Data Management Consulting – includes importing data from a wide range of formats, transforming, merging, concatenating, reshaping, and exporting.
  • Scantron Services – this high speed device reads data from standard or custom forms such as surveys.

Support for UTCVM Researchers

Science Editing

Faculty and staff at UTCVM have the option to have their grants or manuscripts edited in-house at no charge.  The college employs a full-time science editor, Emily Ford​, who will copyedit proposals, journal manuscripts, and other scholarly works for language, mechanics, and conformance to agency/journal guidelines, as well as edit substantially for logical flow, clarity, concision, and consistency.  She asks that you please allow one week for completion of all editing requests.

Literature Searches

Veterinary medicine librarian Jeanine Williamson is available to assist with literature searches and maintains a Research Support web page. She also assists with replace, reduce, refine searches for IACUC protocols.

Other Support

​Statistical Consulting
(General information on statistical consulting)
​Poster & Large-format Printing
(General information on Large-format Printing)
​Audio & Visual Technology
(Royal Paschall)
(Phil Snow)
​Medical Illustration
(Deb Haines, 4-0989)
(Geoff Trivette)
​Figure & PowerPoint Design
(Joy Chambers, 4-8231)
​Technology Transfer, Licensing, & Patents (UT Research Foundation)Research Software (OIT)
Pendergrass Ag/Vet Med Library