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Dr. William Putney
William Putney is a veterinarian who was assigned to the Marine Corps’ War Dog Training School in 1943, following his graduation from Auburn University’s veterinary school. As the commanding officer of the 3rd War Dog Platoon, part of the Marine’s 3rd division, Putney earned the Silver Star for destroying an enemy machine gun position and was awarded the Purple Heart for wounds received. The War Dog Platoon conducted over 450 patrols on the island of Guam.

In 1994, Putney established the War Dog Cemetery on the U. S. Navel Base on Guam. It was the memorial located at this cemetery which was the model for the monument now on the grounds of the U. T. College of Veterinary Medicine. Putney, a native of Virginia, is married to U. T. graduate Betsy Allen, a native of Newport, TN. They currently live in Woodland Hills, California, where Putney practiced veterinary medicine until his retirement in 1990.

Dr. Maurice Acree
Maurice Acree is a retired physician from Nashville, where he specialized in pathology. His connection with the U. T. College of Veterinary Medicine began several years ago when he brought his two Doberman pinscher dogs to the veterinary hospital for specialized treatment. Since then he has been an avid supporter of the college and became a major financial contributor in 1997. His interest in the War Dog Memorial came from his affection not only for the Doberman pinscher breed, but as a means to express the bond that exists between humans and dogs.

Acree served in Korea as a U. S. Navy fighter pilot and is a graduate of the U. T. College of Medicine. He is a native of Macon, Ga. and received his bachelor’s degree from Vanderbilt University.

Susan Bahary
Susan Bahary is an internationally known artist who created the original War Dog Memorial in Guam. She is an animal enthusiast who has produced numerous works of art with animal themes. Bahary lives in Sausalito, California, where she also raises champion dogs. A native a New York, Bahary completed the bachelor’s degree from New York University in Manhattan.