Career Impact Award

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​The Career Impact Award was created to recognize a faculty member who has positively impacted a CVM graduate’s career in the ten, twenty, and forty-year periods since graduation.  The faculty member should be one that alumni would have called upon for advice, sent referrals, or have influenced their life in some way professionally or personally.  The impact of the faculty member may have been initiated during the time the graduate was a student or during their career.  Recipients may be living or deceased or be current or past faculty members.​

Career Impact Award Recipients


RecipientRecognized b​y the Class of:
Dr. Al Lengendre1980
Dr. Al Dorn2000
Dr. James Brace2010


RecipientRecognized by the Class of:
Dr. DJ Krahwinkel1979
Dr. Dianne Mawby1999
Dr. Michael Sims2009