Mission, Vision, Values

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College Missio​​n

The UTCVM mission is focused on advancing animal, human, and environmental health. The mission is accomplished through educating students in the art and science of veterinary medicine and related biomedical sciences, discovering and disseminating new knowledge to veterinarians and others, and providing exceptional veterinary care to animals. Through these acts, the UTCVM supports our stakeholders (e.g. alumni, veterinarians, producers, animal enthusiasts, Tennesseans, and others) through outreach activities and life-long learning. 


The UTCVM vision is to create and sustain a college environment supportive of each individual’s professional and personal growth, where all students, staff, and faculty are encouraged to expand their knowledge, to deliver exceptional service, and to enjoy life beyond the work environment.​

Core Values

The faculty values many things, but our core values include professionalism, quality, respect, inclusiveness, creativity, and commitment. 

  • Professionalism. Professionalism is our foundational value as it encompasses all values we strive to follow as members of the College of Veterinary Medicine. Professionalism applies to each of us as we carry out our daily responsibilities. We are compassionate, honest, responsible, loyal, respectful, confident, and continuously striving to improve.
  • Quality. Quality is a characteristic, innate or acquired, that implies a high level of value or excellence. We strive to deliver high quality in our teaching, research, and service commitments. 
  • Respect. Respect means taking someone’s feelings, needs, thoughts, ideas, wishes, and preferences into consideration and valuing their contributions to the college. 
  • Inclusiveness. Inclusive organizations are comprised of diverse individuals and value the perspective and contributions of everyone. We recognize, understand, and appreciate individual differences and strive to incorporate the needs and perspectives of all our people into the design and implementation of our programs. 
  • Creativity. Creativity is a phenomenon whereby something new and valuable is formed. We encourage and support the creation of new ideas and approaches to move our College and our profession forward. 
  • Commitment. Commitment is a quality that inspires individuals who make a promise to fulfill that promise. We are committed to creating and delivering high quality educational instruction for veterinary and graduate degree-seeking students, interns, residents, and graduate veterinarians; to providing exceptional healthcare; to treating clients and referring veterinarians with respect and dignity; and, to discovering and sharing new knowledge broadly for the benefit of animals, people, and the environment.​