2023 SEVEC Veterinary Educator Boot Camp

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Introductory Skills for Clinical Teaching

Although sessions will be targeted to those relatively new to veterinary teaching, there will be something for everyone to learn, enjoy, and engage in.

Architect rendering of Teaching and Learning Center with stone and metal

Conference location: Veterinary Medicine Building’s Teaching & Learning Center (Joe Johnson Drive)

July 23–25, 2023

Knoxville, TN

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Conference Logistics Information


  • Registration closes Friday, June 30


  • Hilton Knoxville, 501 West Church Avenue, Knoxville, TN 37902-2591


Keynote Guests

  • Dr. Darcy Shaw, Emeritus Professor, Atlantic Veterinary College; Veterinary Leadership Institute and AAVMC Leadership Fellow Chair
    • Things Were Fine Till They Weren’t – Giving Good Feedback

Tentative Schedule

  • Afternoon – Pre-conference Workshop: Peer Review of Teaching (B. Conner, et al.)
  • Evening reception, 5:00–7:00 p.m. (Teaching and Learning Center Concourse)
  • Exact times are subject to change
  • Breakfast & Lunch provided
  • 8:15 am – Welcome
  • 8:30–10:00 – Things were Fine Till They Weren’t – Giving Good Feedback (Keynote, D. Shaw)
  • 10:15–11:00 – What Does Learning Look Like in the Clinical Environment? (K. Sheats & A. Snyder)
  • 11:10–11:40 – Setting an Environment for Success: Organization and Expectations for Clinical Environments (I. Lane)
  • 11:50–12:25 – Useful Models for Clinical Instruction (J. Smith)
  • 12:25–1:30 – Lunch & Book Sharing Conversations
  • Concurrent Workshops
    • 1:30–3:00 pm
      • Success in the Rounds Room: Good Strategies, Good Questions, Good Sessions (B. Conner, et al.)
      • Safety Culture in Clinical Education: Taking Patient Safety to Team Safety (J. Watson)
    • 3:15–4:45
      • Veterinary Nurses and Clinical Education: Professional Development and Optimal Teaching Skills (V. Kiefer Corrigan)
      • Facilitating Skills Development for Clinical Practice (J. Hunt)
  • Evening optional excursion, 6:00 p.m. (Maple Hall–a spirited bowling experience)–limited to 75 registrants
  • Exact times are subject to change
  • Breakfast & Lunch provided
  • 8:15–9:00 am – Operationalizing CBVE on the Clinic Floor: Using Milestones and EPAs to Guide Student Progress (H. Banse)
  • 9:10–10:00 – Fundamentals of Assessment of Clinical Performance (M. Bailey)
  • 10:15–11:00 – Providing Useful Narrative Comments for Clinical Assessments (E. Hofmeister)
  • 11:10–12:10 – Remediation in Clinical Education: Diagnosis and Treating the Struggling Learner (Keynote, J. Guerrasio)
  • 12:10–1:30 pm – Lunch with Case Studies (J. Guerrasio & panel)
  • 1:30–2:30 – Dolphin Tank Educational Research Pitch Competition
  • 2:40–3:40 – What is Professionalism Today? Visions and Challenges Discussion (I. Lane, D. Shaw, S. Cooper)
  • 4:00–4:45 – Introduction to the Field of Veterinary Social Work: How VSW Supports Individuals and Teams in Clinical Environments (E. Strand)
  • 4:45–5:00 – Dolphin Tank Awards Presentation & Closing Remarks

Programming in conjunction with the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine
Master Teacher Program