Clinpath Personnel

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Bente Flatland Profile Page
Bente Flatland
Professor And Director
Role: Professor of Clinical Pathology and Director of Diagnostics Laboratory Services
Deanna M Schaefer Profile Page
Deanna M Schaefer
Associate Professor
Nora Lynn Springer Profile Page
Nora Lynn Springer
Assistant Professor of Clinical Pathology


Mayzie Adaire Miller Profile Page
Mayzie Adaire Miller
Medical Resident
Lisa Neufang Profile Page
Lisa Neufang
Medical Resident


Donna Longmire Profile Page
Donna Longmire
Admin Specialist I
Andi Murphy Profile Page
Andi Murphy
Medical Technologist 2

Technologists and Staff

Kylie Grace Araghi Profile Page
Kylie Grace Araghi
Medical Technologist 1
Kristen Brooks Profile Page
Kristen Brooks
Senior Medical Technologist 1
Andrew Brooks Ferguson Profile Page
Andrew Brooks Ferguson
Medical Technologist 2
Katie S Lee Profile Page
Katie S Lee
Laboratory Assistant 3, Clinical Path
Angel Quiggle Profile Page
Angel Quiggle
Senior Medical Technologist 2
Chris Ramsey Profile Page
Chris Ramsey
Laboratory Supervisor, Clinical Path