Students Named Volunteers of Distinction

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The UT Office of the Provost has named the 2023 Volunteers of Distinction. The award celebrates academic excellence among undergraduate and graduate students. Students are selected to be honored as Volunteers of Distinction in recognition of their extraordinary academic achievement, professional promise, teaching (graduate students), or research.

Eleven veterinary students and students in the Comparative and Experimental Medicine program received the award.

Ashley Bonnette                             UTCVM Class of 2023
Kristin “Kristi” Bowers, DVM       PhD candidate – “Translational Models for Advancement of Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering” (major professor: Dr. David Anderson)
Tamara Chavez-Lindell, MPH PhD candidate – “Healthcare Service Utilization and Life Satisfaction in South Africa” (major professor: Dr. Agricola Odoi)
Lauren EdwardsUTCVM Class of 2023
Meaghan Harley-Troxell MS/PhD candidate – “Advances in Translational Medicine: A Review of Cell-Based Therapies to Treat Neural Injuries” (major professor: Dr. Madhu Dhar)
Nicole Nanof UTCVM Class of 2023
Sequoyah Pace  UTCVM Class of 2023
Bailey Patillo UTCVM Class of 2023
Ashley Reeves, DVMPhD candidate – “Evaluation of Ocelot and Bobcat General and Reproductive Health in South Texas and Assessment of Assisted Reproductive Techniques for Wild Felid Conservation” (major professor: Dr. Deb Miller)
Jenna Vogel UTCVM Class of 2023
Abigail WilsonUTCVM Class of 2023