Custodians of Natural Resources: UTCVM Faculty Teaches Diagnostic Pathology in Indonesia

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A group of pathologists stand on stage at the 2024 Indonesia Wildlife Pathology Short Course
Dr. Michelle Dennis (4th from the right) onstage at the 2024 Indonesia Wildlife Pathology Short Course. Photo courtesy Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Universitas Brawijaya

UTCVM anatomic pathologist Michelle Dennis was invited to teach at the 2024 Indonesia Wildlife Pathology Short Course held in Brawijaya, Indonesia in late February. 70 participants from Indonesia and Malaysia attended the course which covered a wide range of topics including necropsy in forensic and disease investigation, gross and histopathology of wild animals (fishes, turtles, cetaceans, bats, reptiles, avian, nonhuman primates, elephants), and emerging viral diseases. There were also presentations of case studies from participants’ cases in various wild animals.

Participants with backgrounds ranging from zoos, rescue centers, animal clinics, academicians, and commercial companies learned about conducting investigative and forensic necropsy, gross pathology examination, and histopathology interpretation.

Dr. Michelle Dennis performs a fish necropsy surrounded by people dressed in blue scrubs
Dr. Dennis demonstrates how to perform a fish necropsy. Photo courtesy Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Universitas Brawijaya

Dennis presented on investigating mortality in fish, diseases of sea turtles, and some fundamental concepts of gross pathology. “In our respective regions we are custodians of natural resources that are treasured beyond borders and we must have a global mindset to their conservation,” said Dennis. “Veterinary diagnosticians are on the frontline of recognizing emerging diseases that can impact wildlife, livestock, companion animals, and humans alike. It’s never been easier for pathogens to be dispersed around the world, and we must stay informed together in order to address threats involving wildlife health.”

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Universitas Brawijaya collaborated with the Australian Registry of Wildlife Health, to host the program which was supported by Association of Indonesian Veterinarians for Wildlife, Aquatic, and Exotic Animals and sponsored by Cybec Foundation, Davis-Thompson Foundation, Wildlife Health Australia, Taronga Conservation Society Australia, Wildlife Disease Association, Wildlife Disease Association Australasia, The Orangutan Veterinary Advisory Group, and Cheers Mineral Water from PT Atlantic Biruraya.