Veterinary Faculty Member Named Distinguished Coughlin Professor

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Sree Rajeev, wearing a white blazer is presented a Coughlin Distinguished Professor certificate by Bob DeNovo.
Dr. Bob DeNovo, UTCVM interim dean, is pictured with Dr. Sree Rajeev who was named
Coughlin Distinguished Professor at the veterinary college’s annual conference.

Dr. Sree Rajeev, a Professor of Infectious Diseases and Director of Bacteriology and Mycology Laboratory in the UTCVM Department of Biomedical and Diagnostic Sciences, was named the Distinguished Coughlin Professor at the college’s annual conference. Dr. Rajeev earned her veterinary degree at Kerala Agricultural University in India and her PhD in the UTCVM Comparative and Experimental Medicine program.  She is board-certified by the American College of Veterinary Microbiologists in the areas of Bacteriology and Mycology, Virology, and Immunology as well as the American College of Veterinary Pathologists (Anatomic Pathology).

Dr. Rajeev has published extensively in her field, has an excellent record of obtaining extramural funding, and a particularly strong research interest in leptospirosis. She also has a strong record as a diagnostician, particularly in bacteriology, and is an experienced teacher in veterinary curricula.  Dr. Rajeev is the director of our Bacteriology and Diagnostic Laboratory, and is involved with international activities including mentoring two USDA faculty fellows. She is currently a fellow with the Smith International Center on the Ag campus. 

The Coughlin Distinguished Professor is funded by the Coughlin Endowment created in memory of Dr. Dennis Coughlin, Sr. (1890-1954) by Dr. Dennis Coughlin, Jr., a Knoxville orthopedic surgeon. The Coughlin Endowment provides funding for the UTCVM Continuing Education Annual Conference for Veterinarians and Veterinary Technicians. UTCVM is extremely grateful for the support Dr. Coughlin, Jr.’s family provides to honor his father, Dr. Dennis Coughlin, Sr. Dr. Coughlin, Sr.’s illustrious career included practicing as a veterinarian with the United States Department of Agriculture and serving as president of the Tennessee Veterinary Medical Association from 1940-1940. A native of South Dakota, Dr. Coughlin, Sr. completed his veterinary degree in 1916 at Kansas City Veterinary College in Kansas City, MO. During his career in the Tennessee area, he met and married Esther Brackin, who was a member of the University of Tennessee faculty.