Health Information (Medical Records)

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The Health Information/Medical Record Department is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 am until 5:00 pm except for holidays and/or any official administrative closing days as recognized by The University of Tennessee.

If you have referred a patient to the UTCVM Veterinary Medical Center and would like to obtain copies of the medical record, please contact us at (865) 974-5682 or email If you have a client who would like to obtain copies of the medical record, please have them contact us at (865) 974-5682.

If you need copies of x-rays, please contact the Diagnostic Imaging Service at (865) 974-2223 or (865) 974-5809.

Documents that are automatically sent to the referring and primary veterinarian listed on the record at time of admission include arrival notices, discharge instructions, referral letter, automated veterinarian communications, and necropsy reports. This is accomplished at the time they are electronically signed.

Any veterinarian that has referred a patient or is interested in submitting diagnostic lab samples to the UTCVM Veterinary Medical Center can get a VOLVet Portal account. This account gives access to up-to-date patient information or diagnostic lab results, as well as discounted FedEx shipping labels. Please register for an account and log in.

TEL (865) 974-5682 | FAX (865) 974-2430 |
Pam Brock, Manager (865) 974-5679
Janet Roberson, Information Release Contact (865) 974-5682
Krissy Ivy, Insurance Contact (865) 974-5684