Equine Regenerative Medicine

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Dr. Dhar

REGENERATIVE MEDICINE is the science that replaces or regenerates animal cells, tissues, or organs to restore/establish normal function following injury from any cause.

The UT Veterinary Medical Center Equine Hospital’s regenerative medicine service provides adult stem cells and platelet rich plasma to our veterinarians in the treatment of various equine diseases.

Adult stem cells are specialized cells involved in the formation of the various body tissues and organs. Some stem cells can change to make different kinds of tissues (muscle, tendon, etc.) creating tremendous healing capabilities. Platelet rich plasma containing growth factors and other compounds accelerate and improve the healing process.

Adult stem cells are being used as a treatment for a variety of equine diseases including but not limited to ligament and tendon disease, joint diseases (arthritis), wounds, fractures, laminitis (founder), and many others.

We provide adult stem cell therapy for equine patients and plan to expand stem cell therapy to other species in the near future.‚Äč