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Nutrition Services

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Homemade Diet Formulation

Homemade diets are preferred by some pet owners to commercially available products. In some cases, homemade diets are the only way to provide a specialized formula to pets with multiple diseases. Homemade diets are also responsible for many cases of severe nutritional deficiency, so they must be properly designed for long-term use. Our nutritionists can formulate complete and balanced diets that are specific to the pet’s taste preferences and medical conditions. In most cases we are unable to examine patients in person; therefore, we work directly with your veterinarian to design diets for pets with medical conditions. 

Critical Care Nutrition

Proactive nutrition in the hospital improves patient care and leads to better outcomes. UT Veterinary Nutrition Service assists other veterinarians by becoming a part of their extended team by providing nutritional support plans for the hospitalized patients. We can aid in feeding tube placement and management or design parenteral nutrition solutions. We also formulate and ship parenteral nutrition solutions to veterinarians within the state of Tennessee.

Prescription Diet Recommendations

With hundreds of therapeutic diets on the market, it can be difficult to choose the most appropriate formula for your patient. Many pets also have diseases with conflicting nutritional needs. Our nutritionists can help you and your veterinarian choose the best options for those complicated cases.

Obesity Management

Obesity is the most common form of malnutrition in U.S. pets today. Once weight gain has occurred, many owners find it difficult to get their pet back to normal weight without assistance. Questions we often answer from owners are: Is there one best diet for my pet? Will he or she be hungry all the time? How fast can I expect the pounds to come off? How can I exercise him or her safely? Do nutritional supplements help? What kind of treats can I use?​ Our nutrition service can design a comprehensive weight loss plan that makes the process pleasant for owners and pets through a structured diet and exercise. We provide inpatient and outpatient weight reduction programs. 


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