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​​Standard Referral Requests

  1. UTCVM Referral Form completed
  2. Medical history pertaining to admitting complaint
  3. Recent lab/blood test results (last 6 months)
  4. Imaging reports and the actual images –if imaging pertains to admitting complaint (i.e. blastomycosis chest radiographs, CT images of retrobulbar mass)
  5. Request that the client bring all medications in labeled containers to their appointment


  • Upon arrival, your clients will check in with Client Services to collect needed information. A senior veterinary student or Licensed Veterinary Technician will receive the case and do an initial physical exam. For unstable patients, the student or veterinary technician may triage the patient directly to the triage area for assessment by the doctor on duty.
  • Prior rDVM blood work and imaging information are helpful in determining patient status. Some patients may require additional diagnostics, including repeat bloodwork and imaging, even within the first 24 hours, in order to complete a full assessment and establish patient progress.
  • The daytime emergency service (8 am to 5 pm Monday- Friday) is for referral emergencies. We require a phone call to the service from the rDVM prior to sending the case to the VMC. This discussion can clarify expectations and provide an estimate for the client. We are not a walk–in service during these business times. We continue to depend on the rDVMs for daily care of their regular patients. If a stable, non-UTCVM client presents to the VMC during business hours without a prior referral, the technician will discuss the case with the client prior to examination and the RDVM will be contacted. With this discussion, the client and the rDVM may decide that the case would be better served at the original clinic. If a pet presents with a true life threatening emergency, such as trauma or seizures, these cases will be immediately examined and treated by the team, and the primary DVM will be contacted.
  • The After-Hour Emergency Service accepts both referral and walk-in clients. rDVM’s should call to make the referral, discuss the case and confirm which services are available. We can also provide you with an estimate and determine your client’s estimated time of arrival. Walk-in cases are accepted after-hours and the primary veterinarian (if recorded by the client) will be contacted on the next business day by the referral coordinator or the primary clinician.
  • Patients are appropriately triaged according to urgent need. All attempts are made to minimize wait times for your clients. Those patients with the most urgent needs will be prioritized. Initial evaluations are thorough and may take 2-4 hours. Estimation of length of hospital stay will be discussed with the client after assessment.
  • Surgery, Endoscopy, and other medical procedures may wait for the next business day in the event the delay would not be medically detrimental to the patient. MRI is not currently available after-hours.
  • Our after-hours emergency fee is $180.00 which includes the following: Initial Physical Exam, Packed Cell Volume and Total Solids (PCV/TS), Blood Glucose, Lactate, Blood Pressure. ECG and Pulse Oximetry are also included when indicated. After initial evaluation and triage, the clinician will discuss an estimate with the client.
  • The daytime referral emergency fee is $180.00. The emergency clinician on duty will provide the rDVM with an estimate to discuss with the client prior to the referral.