Pharmacology Submitting Samples

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Download the Sample Submission Form.

  • For plasma samples, collect whole blood in tubes containing heparin. Centrifuge blood and remove plasma to a screw-top tube designed for low temperature storage (- 80 C). For other biological matrices, please consult the lab prior to submission.
  • At least 1 mL of plasma is required for accurate analysis (2 ml or more allows for repeat analysis when necessary). For volumes less than 1 ml please consult the lab prior to sample submission.
  • Quality control cannot be assured without blank samples (from untreated animals). Include blank samples whenever possible.
  • Label all samples legibly, with ink that will not wash or rub off easily. Labels and tape made for cryogenic tubes can still fall off under freezing conditions – a secondary label directly on the tube is preferable. Samples that are not legible can not be analyzed.
  • Include an inventory list with the sample number, dose administered, drug to be measured, and any other information pertinent to sample identification.
  • Indicate to whom an invoice can be sent for payment of drug analysis or include with samples a purchase order number. Check with the lab prior to shipment of samples to determine cost of analysis.
  • Ship samples on dry ice for overnight delivery.
  • To ensure the safe arrival of samples, ship Monday, thru Thursday morning. Do not ship on Friday or prior to a holiday.
  • Call or send an e-mail to notify the lab of when to expect samples.
  • For specifics on method of analysis, limit’s of detection, scheduling and pricing, please contact the lab directly. Time to analyze samples will depend on number of samples and previous arrangements made with the lab.