Medical Oncology

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Every animal is treated with compassionate care while the medical oncology team provides an individualized approach to cancer management tailored to your pet’s need. Treatments offered by our board-certified medical oncologists include chemotherapy, immunotherapy and novel cancer drugs.


Chemotherapy uses drugs designed to kill cancer cells. Frequently it is used to treat cancer that has spread to other parts of the body, and when additional treatment besides surgery or radiation therapy is required.

Oncology Consultations for Referring Veterinarians

The UTVMC Oncology Service provides free consultations to all referring veterinarians. Please go to our Oncology Consultation page for further information.


Tanovea is the first novel drug designed to treat lymphoma in dogs conditionally approved by the FDA. It is given intravenously once every three weeks. Please visit Tanovea for pet owners to learn more.

Oncept Melanoma Vaccine

This is a DNA-based vaccine that induces immune response against malignant melanoma. The vaccine works best in conjunction with surgery and/or radiation therapy. The vaccine is given once every other week for a total of 4 initial treatments followed by one booster vaccine every 6 months. Please visit the Pet Cancer Vaccine site for more information.