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Our diagnostic laboratories are closed Monday, June 19, 2023, in observance of Juneteenth.

Tissue samples submitted by referring veterinarians will be evaluated microscopically by faculty veterinary pathologists with the assistance of residents (veterinarians training to be pathologists).   Please review our submission guidelines for submitting samples and more details.

Slide Consultation Service

Slide Consultation Service is offered for those cases in which a second opinion is desired. We recommend submission of 6 unstained slides. The biopsy submission form should still be filled out completely. These cases are always reviewed by multiple faculty veterinary pathologists.

Immunohistochemistry Service

Immunohistochemistry service is offered for those cases in which more specific characterization of a lesion is desired. In most cases, immunohistochemistry is performed in-house, but in some cases they may be sent out to other specialty laboratories.The typical cost of these procedures is $45 for each antibody used. Charges for immunohistochemistry sent out to other laboratories may differ.

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