Veterinary Communication

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Communication with our Referring Veterinarians

Automated communications detailed below are sent to our referring veterinarians to keep them updated on their patient’s status. Each clinic can choose their preferred method of communication; fax, email, or letter (appointment bookings are excluded from letter format). If you would like to change your preferred method of communication or opt out of any of the following notifications, please contact

  1. Appointment Booking Notices:  When an appointment is scheduled at UTCVM, the referring veterinarian will receive an appointment booking notification by email or fax. The referring veterinarian will also receive cancelation, reschedule and no-show appointment notifications.
  2. Arrival Notices:  When a referred patient arrives, the referring veterinarian will receive an automated arrival notification. The referring veterinarian is encouraged to contact the receiving clinician at any time, concerning the progress of a hospitalized case.
  3. Discharge Notices:  When the patient is discharged, the referring veterinarian will receive a copy of the discharge instructions that was given to the client. In some instances, referral letters will be sent following the discharge instructions. Upon discharge, clients are instructed to return the patient to their referring veterinarian for follow-up. There will be times when it is necessary for the patient to return to UTCVM for additional care or testing. This information will be indicated in the discharge instructions.
  4. Automated Veterinarian Communication Notes:  These communications may be utilized for various reasons: UTCVM visit updates, necropsy reports, follow-up after communication with client, patient death notice, reply to a referring veterinarian’s inquiry, or if we are unable to reach the referring veterinarian by phone.

VOLVet Portal

By signing up for a VOLVet Portal account, veterinarians and their staff will have access to all automated communications, including UTCVM lab test results and necropsy reports.

Phone Communication

There will be times that our clinicians will communicate with referring veterinarians via phone. Please make sure you have provided us with your current contact numbers. Phone numbers that do not accept blocked calls may delay or preclude our clinicians from communicating via phone.

Professional Consults

If you need to discuss medical aspects of a case, please review our Contact Information for Consultations document.

After-Hour Hospitalized Patient Updates

Updates are sent through the automated system and available in the VOLVet Portal. If the referring veterinarian needs additional information, the veterinarian may call the main clinic number (865) 974-8387 and ask to speak with the clinician or responsible service. While the clinician on the case may not be available at the time you call, a message will be relayed to the responsible service to communicate with the referring veterinarian at their next available opportunity.