Equine Wellness 365

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Veterinary-guided health care can increase your horse’s chances for a long and healthy life. UTCVM’s Equine Wellness 365 program provides your horse’s basic veterinary and preventative health care needs and provides a colic protection plan in the event that your horse requires surgery for an intestinal or abdominal colic. Regular visits with a veterinarian help prevent problems and can help detect a minor condition before it becomes a complicated and more expensive issue. If your horse needs colic surgery while you are enrolled in Equine Wellness 365, UTCVM will cover up to $5,000 of the cost of treatment at our Equine Hospital.

This comprehensive program includes all of the components for your horse’s overall wellbeing: a yearly physical exam, vaccinations*, parasite evaluation, and dental care along with expert advice on good nutrition and exercise. You can either bring your horse to our Equine Hospital, or have our Field Service veterinarians come to your farm. Please note that farm call fees are not included in the enrollment fee.

Please read our Equine Wellness 365 brochure​ for more information or download the Equine Wellness application​.