Dentistry and Oral Surgery

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Examining a canine's teeth


UTCVM Dentistry and Oral Surgery Service is operated in the Small​ Animal Hospital. The service is run by Dr. Chad Lothamer, Diplomate of American Dental College, whose area of dental expertise includes treatment for a broad variety of oral conditions from periodontal disease to jaw fracture management. The goal of the Dentistry Service is to work with you on your challenging cases and fragile patients by providing advanced dentistry and anesthesia services.

Patient safety is our first priority. Our devoted team of anesthesiologists will read the medical record and analyze all preoperative test results to decide on the best anesthetic protocol for your patient. Local anesthesia will be used to provide a comfortable recovery and a pain-free procedure. All interventional procedures like tooth extraction, jaw fracture repair or excision of a tumor are confirmed with intraoral radiographs. We employ minimally-invasive and precise techniques by utilizing our state-of-the-art piezoelectric equipment for surgical and endodontic procedures.

Your patient will receive a complete oral assessment by using digital intraoral X-rays, photographs, and optical equipment with magnification. Our comprehensive treatment plan aims to accomplish as much as feasible during one visit, however, many complicated cases may require staging.

Working with the Diagnostic Imaging Service, we offer the advanced imaging modalities of CT scan and MRI to help with the diagnosis and treatment planning of complicated cases.


Specialized procedures

  • Tooth extractions
  • Endodontic procedures such as root canal therapy to salvage fractured teeth
  • Jaw and soft tissue resection to control oral cancer
  • Jaw fracture repair using interdental wiring techniques and intraoral splints
  • Correction of painful bite utilizing orthodontic tooth movement, root canal therapy, or surgery
  • Pediatric dentistry for persistent deciduous teeth, impacted, and malpositioned teeth


  • Dentistry specific operatory
  • Piezoelectric surgery system
  • Direct and indirect digital dental radiography
  • Endodontic instruments for root canal therapy
  • Restorative materials
  • Orthodontic materials