Veterinary Referral Coordinators

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For Non-Veterinarian Questions/Concerns, please contact Client Services.​

While standard referral appointments will be made by calling our appointment desk at (865) 974-8387, referring veterinarians sometimes need additional service, information and care regarding their referred patients.

Jeannie Bormet and Sabrina Wilson are our Referral Coordinators, and they specifically assist veterinarians and clinic staff. They are both licensed veterinary medical technicians. Their duties include:

  • assisting referring veterinarians with any aspect of the referral process
  • providing estimates
  • facilitating communication about your case to the clinician
  • answering questions about client arrival / patient status
  • assisting with patient follow-up care and advice
  • helping communicate urgent medical advice from consulting clinicians who may not be immediately available by phone (e.g. in surgery, class or off clinics)
  • assisting consulting clinicians in notifying primary/referring veterinarians of patient’s death


  • Monday – Friday
  • 8:00 AM –5:00 PM

Referral Forms

Please visit the resource page to download referral forms​.

Email a copy of the completed referral form and copies of recent diagnostic testing results prior to the date of your client’s appointment to