Farm Animal Field Services

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Field services team working on a farm

Field Service faculty at the UTCVM Veterinary Medical Center provide on-farm care and consultations to local producers and clientele. The typical practice zone includes farm located within a 30-mile radius to Knoxville. Herd-level disease investigations are available to veterinarians and producers throughout Tennessee via telephone consultation and farm visits. Consultations that occur at a distance require advanced scheduling with the clinician.

Routine herd health care is provided to local producers based on farm level assessment of risks and needs. These procedures include vaccination, parasite control, diagnostics, biosecurity, nutrition, reproduction including pregnancy diagnosis (palpation, ultrasound, and hormone), abortion work-up, infertility evaluation and treatment, mastitis, bull breeding soundness evaluation, and health management.

UTCVM Field Service faculty are specialists in reproduction and internal medicine. These Board Certified specialists offer expertise in infectious disease, disease prevention, reproduction, and health management. Our goal is to provide excellent service and establish practical and profitable health management strategies to support the sustainability of livestock producers in Tennessee.