Genetic Bird Sexing

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Lab TestPriceAcceptable SpeciesSampleTurnaroundId
Sexing, Psittacine Blood PCR$28.00Avian0.2 ml EDTA blood3-5 Bus. Days180525

Sex identification is performed in our laboratory using genomic DNA isolated from nucleated blood cells. The test distinguishes between males and females based on a difference in their chromo-helicase DNA binding genes (CHD). The CHD genes of different genders vary in size and base sequences. Thus females, which have both the CHD-Z and CHD-W forms of the gene, can be distinguished from males, which only have the CDH-Z form. This genetic dimorphism is consistent in psittacines, waterfowl, and most raptors. It does not exist, however, in ratites and consequently we cannot sex ratites with this technique.